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The world would be a much better place if people just knew how to use the even the ugliest truths to heal their lives.

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I Am Roxanne. Most people just call me "Rox." I Am Kahuna Wahine hailing from the island of Los Angeles, was brought up "in the church," am in love with the greatest human being to have crossed paths with me in a whole lot of lifetimes. I have three great kids who went through a whole lot with me, namely the abuse that was handed to me for most of their lives, by their father, and who, alongside me, learned to cope through it all - if there is anything we are, it is a family of survivors of the spiritual and emotional kind.

As stated, I am indeed one of those "preacher╩╗s kids,╩╗ and even chose to follow the footsteps of my dad and became a minister right around 2002 (I think) and in that time I have learned a whole LOT about human beings and the way that we behave. I chose to become ordained, at first, because it was the family thing. However, it was not long afterwards that it became apparent to me that one of the reasons why I am a minister is NOT just being able to perform weddings and rites, BUT, because there are a whole LOT of people on this planet who simply just need an actual ear that listens and a heart that loves, alongside a lot of experiences with the LGBT community, and, of course, those people who I share so much with - the ones who are going through so much in their lives and who are dealing with the energy that is being someone else╩╗s abuse victim.

It is never anyone else╩╗s business, the manner by which anyone survives, as much as it is not anyone╩╗s business how anyone else lives (unless of course you are some sort of person who harms children or animals or simply just other [removed] you might need more than an astrology reading). When someone is abused, it causes them to take on characteristics that, while those things might well be in a chart, the reality is being lived in someone╩╗s actual life. The one thing that anyone going through anything abusive wants to know is when will the abuse stop?

.Of course, the ultimate answer to when the abuse stops is when we decide that it will stop - as harsh as that sounds, I promise that it is the only truth that anyone going through domestic violence can have at any given moment, and the moment that it will change is when someone has given them an answer, and one that they can work with.

I am that person who gives that answer, as kindly and as truthfully as I am able to give it to anyone.

If you are being abused, please tell someone - ANYONE - and get the ball rolling, NOT for you to escape (because we have to plan that one) BUT, so that your intention of no longer being there can begin to manifest.

The only way that can happen is through a choice made - and I am here to help you with that choice.


I have coached people through things directly connected to the violence that they are encountering, and from those things I have been able to make it my work in this world, NOT to "get" the abuser, BUT, to make certain that the person wanting to survive knows their strengths and what areas of themselves they need to pay more attention to, in terms of that survival, and who best to turn to.

Mostly, I have helped women who, after they have been able to get out, become the person who they so dearly remember being. I am very careful to remind anyone that "you are not who you were just last week - and that means, too, that you do not have to be the person, any longer, who made you believe that this was all you were meant for. .."

We are all meant for more than only what is right in front of us, and 2008 was the year that I thought I lost everything. Yet, as time moved by I was proved to be incorrect about it, turning my sights only to my own healing as I tried, everyday, for 9 more years to get out of that trap. It was not that I did not want to get out, but that the person who I felt tethered to was not letting [removed] of me, but of control of me.

What he did not know, and what he was not prepared for, was that the kids and I would band together, NOT to get him gone, but to get ourselves ready for what would become our lives next.

After three years of having to look over my shoulder, it came to pass like I thought it would - that I would pay an attorney to please loosen the grip that this man had a tight hold of, for many many years, and help me divorce him.

Even as I was estranged from him, he still managed to make my life very challenging, even going to so far as to try having my hard earned money taken to pay his bills - he had ended up chronically ill by that time, which was October of 2020.

There was actual relief had by me, and my children, the day that the news came - we would no longer have to look over our shoulders to see if he were there. No, I was not sad, and neither were the kids - we were relieved. Throughout that time, with specific attention being paid to the last three years, I spent a lot of time by myself, creating new ways to help other victims become survivors.

I did not realize that what I did back in 2004, in choosing to learn about my issues in marriage and how things got to be the way that ended up, that i was creating not only my way out of what happened to me, but, was creating a way out, NOT of the violence, but, what happens to us when we are away from our abuser.

No one told me how to be the best me that I could be. I had to look for what made me so attractive to abusive partners and when I found it in my natal chart, it changed everything.

My first look at a natal chart, and I mean a REAL look at it, came through my Aunty Kalei, who was a healer on the Big Island of Hawaii, and a well known and loved mystic the world over. I was 16. That was almost 35 years ago. Fast forward to today I have come out of my shell as an Astrologer, have learned what everything in a chart means for anyone, and have, within that time, gained a very real knowledge, through my teachers, through actual studies both formal and informal, and of course, through my own abilities.

It was not ever through someone else╩╗s knowledge of the stars, of the Universe, nor of my Hawaiian culture and my ancients using the stars, not only to navigate the ocean, but more - the Kahuna that I Am, and of course, Being "Kilo H┼Źk┼ź" - an Astrologer, in the same manner that my ancestors were.

I use the stars to navigate the sea called life, and I teach others how to navigate their own [removed] have done it for a very long time, and only recently, when I turned 40 and it seemed that my life and I only had one thing left to depend on - my knowledge of the stars and Astrology, and the fighting ikaika wahine spirit within.


I read Tarot cards, and I also use a pendulum, but none of those things are what I primarily use, which is a Natal chart, along with my own abilities, to see the person who I am talking with. When I am asked what someone can do about a situation, I do not address the situation - I address the person and what I see in the chart and what they can do with what is there, and of course, what might be a challenge for them.

Using these methods, I have been able to help a whole lot of people answer things that they thought they never knew the answer to. It is in our unconscious behaviors, the answers, to a whole lot of the things we think we do not know.

I help by uncovering what anyone╩╗s reaction would be and help them form a response. We have always and only been taught to react (create drama) but, there is no resolve for anything, even if what I see there is gonna need a different way, with drama and reactive tendencies, and yes, I find out where all of those things are and together, we come up with a way to address those things so that a person can gauge their own healing.


I am an Ordained Minister, NLP Life Coach, Title IX reporter, and a Domestic Violence Advocate via my Ordination and through my experiences as a survivor turned into this higher version of my very self.

Services & Fees

I charge 150.00 for each phone reading, and typically my readings and interpretation phone meetings with clients can run well over 90 minutes, because I see so much in their chart.

Each phone reading includes an "overall summary" of what I see in the chart, as well as addressing questions having to do with whatever it is that we are talking about.

I do hour to hour and a half long video readings, as well, and I charge 175.00 for.

I also do readings Via Facebook messenger, as well as in text, or via email.
Email readings are 100.00 and do not include any phone time/chat time

For more information please visit my website to send me an email.

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