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I'm a reader with about 15 years of experience, I was raised onto this path. I'm an intuitive reader and can hone in on what is needed to gain clarity in a situation. My specialties are tarot and Oracle oh, I have been known to incorporate runes or pendulums.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 33
Experience 17 Years

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I'm a practicing Pagan Witch of 20 years, and I'm happily married with six animals. Four cats and two dogs. My practice has more or less run away with me in the most recent years. I blog, and am active across social media and Tik Tok. I'm also bisexual, married to a black man in the south. Which you can imagine gets plenty of looks. It's funny because my husband is an atheist, and I'm polytheistic and believe in the Paranormal.

I'm definitely here to help :)


I was a child I've been reading tarot for my family and friends, I started when I was 11 years old. As I got older I became more and more confident, and I started pairing decks. I do favor utilizing both tarot and Oracle simultaneously I find that is sekiro has a particularly difficult message to portray that the oracle cards can chime in and make the blow a little softer and give guidance as to what needs to be done.

For the last few years I've been offering tarot readings on Etsy with shining 5 Star reviews I've also been utilizing my gift to provide readings on Tik-Tok, since that is a pretty big platform right now. I also utilize pendulums in my readings and occasionally astrology and dice.


I'm clairsentient somewhat oh, I find that I can tap into intuition during my readings to get additional messages or information from Spirit. In a general reading I will ask the tarot cards, but sometimes I find that the cards at least like a single deck doesn't give all the information that I feel might be needed at which point I will Shuffle out and draw an oracle card. Typically my actual shuffling style is to shuffle until cards jump out oh, so I'll do that for both decks. I like to look at the numerical correspondences of the cards as well as the symbols and see what I'm feeling intuitively for a situation.

Often times I'll also bring out a pendulum oh, that's just to get a feel for any basic yes or no questions that you might have . I also have astrology dice that I'll use on occasion and sometimes I just have a sense of knowing I can pick up on energy as [removed]

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