Rosemarie Osmun

I've been highly intuitive and empathetic since childhood, reading other peoples' situations, pasts and emotions on a claircognizant level. I use tools like tarot, astrology and dreams as methods of reflection in order to enable myself and others to walk their best path and elevate consciousness.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 32
Experience 3 Years

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For as long as I can remember I've been highly intuitive and empathetic, reading things about peoples' situations, lives and emotions without needing to be told. This initially manifested as very vivid and often prescient dreams, then in being able to sense others' energy and emotions and receiving messages for them. I find I often am the person family, friends and even strangers seek out for advice or to assess situations.

The mystical world has always been very real to me, despite being a very rational person. When I later learned about natal charts in astrology, these contrasting parts of my personality and my challenges really started making sense. Tarot is also incredibly useful for me to assess situations and my own self, which is why I love bringing knowledge like this to others. The more tools we have to understand ourselves the better equipped we are to become the best versions of ourselves!

My life experience includes several moves, a lot of travel and time in different cultures, experience in the dynamics of both very long and short-term relationships, good and bad relationships, and all types of struggles and triumphs in business and personal life as well. I don't judge people on their situations, and though spiritual and knowledgeable on major religions, I consider myself non-religious. I do believe in karma, the cyclical nature of life, and in multiple soul lives.

My philosophy is that we are all here to overcome struggles and learn things for our own soul's progression and for the greater consciousness. I practice meditation regularly, and when not studying something new or working, I'm usually making art of some sort, exploring foods or playing in nature :).


Dream-reading, palmistry and astrology were passions since I was a child, and I have spent many years studying these fields. I started learning tarot as a teen from family members, and have actively studied and practiced it regularly for the past two years. In university, I studied several courses on traditional psychology as well which further sharpened my intuition and my ability to express what I receive intuitively and in helping people I read for interpret their own reflections and patterns.


Intuition / Claircognizance

Services & Fees

Email or Instant Message: General one-question readings for $5 include a three card spread. Mid-length six card horseshoe spread readings are $10. More detailed ten card Celtic cross spread readings are $20.

Phone or Skype or Video: one question readings for three cards $10, six cards $20, ten cards $30.

In person, multi-question or more complex readings can be designed based on clients' situations.

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