I believe a Tarot reading should be 3 things: 1. Insightful - it should give the seeker as much information about the situation as possible 2. Empowering - it should give hope to the customer and allow them to create the future they want 3. Convenient - it should fit the client's schedule and budget

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Nationality 🇨🇦 Canada
Languages English
Age 37
Experience 21 Years

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Relationship (Current)
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I'm Jacquelyn, a 32-year-old Tarot reader based in Winnipeg, Canada.

I am an Agnostic reader who takes a more analytical approach to the cards. You can read more about how this affects my technique in the 'Methods' section below.

I strongly believe that the Tarot is best used in one of 2 ways:
1. To gain insight on your current situation and advise on the best ways to move forward.
2. To see what direction you are currently headed in, so you can either make the most of it (if the prediction is positive) or alter it (if the prediction is negative).
I do not believe anyone's future is set in stone! Every individual has the power to create their own path.


I first encountered Tarot in 2001, at the age of 16. While browsing in a bookstore a deck called out to me from the shelf. I took it home, opened the box, and was hooked!

That deck got me through some very tough times. In 2015 I decided to bring that guidance to others and opened Riverside Tarot. I began with online readings. I pride myself on the depth these provide - each report will contain a minimum of 4 full paragraphs (1 for each card and a summary).
I then began offering my services as entertainment at events. I have done private parties with as few as 4 guests and as many as 800. I have also worked at festivals, fairs, conventions, and other public events that saw thousands of attendees.
More recently I've added private sessions to my repertoire. These take place in the privacy of the client's home (or in a public location if they prefer).

I appreciate feedback from individuals who have used any of my services, as this feedback helps me provide the best insight to everyone who comes my way.


When reading Tarot or oracle cards I pay close attention to small and large details alike, and look for connections between each card in a spread. Due to this my readings tend to be on the long side. I want to make sure the customer gets as much information as I can possibly give him or her - I don't believe it's my place to decide what is or is not relevant to the seeker.

I approach crystal sphere readings and dream interpretations in a similar way, but with more interaction. I can connect the symbols seen, but require the seeker's assistance in determining any personal meanings they may have - I don't believe any symbol has a totally universal message.

I will read on nearly any topic - the only exclusions are questions related to death or criminal activity.

Services & Fees

I offer the following services:

-online Tarot readings (prices range from $10-$35)
-private sessions ($50 for one hour)
-readings at festivals and conventions ($10-$30)
-private party or event bookings ($30 per hour)
-team building sessions ($50 per hour)

Riverside Tarot

City: Winnipeg
State/Region: MB
Country: Canada 🇨🇦

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