Richie Kavanagh

Hi there, I'm Richie! I hail from a beautiful place called Armagh City in Ireland.

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Nationality 🇮🇪 Ireland
Languages English
Age 30
Experience 14 Years

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I've been gifted the special skill of clairvoyance and animal communication by my grandmother who was renowned in the local area for her psychic skills.
I'm just a post-teen, hard working person who's full time job is in the security business.
I enjoy helping people out, so my developed skills have became my passion, along with animal rights and welfare activism.


It all began when I would predict things happening as a young child, to a pinnacle moment in my early teens where I realised I could directly communicate with animals through both our spirits (a scary Dr Doolittle-esque moment! lol)

I progressed with my love of tarot, which my grandmother taught me, and also further developed my clairvoyant skills.


Tarot is my clients' most popular choice. I use the deck that my grandmother gifted me when I was 14. A beautiful, handcrafted deck with a lot of traditional Irish artwork incorporated into it.


I have been a reader on Binnaz for over 1 year, and have been giving readings in my city for ten.

Services & Fees

I offer animal communication, tarot and clairvoyance services. Each is tailored to the individual, but my prices are low! I just want to help people out in my spare time.


Currently, on Binnaz, I have lowered my prices on Tarot and clairvoyance readings!

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