A Venusian cartomancer here to guide you on to your Highest Life Path through your connections with yourself & others. Very blunt but caring (like a stereotypical Taurus). Book with me & find peace of mind so that you can have clarity in step.

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Nationality 🇯🇲 Jamaica
Languages English
Experience 3 Years

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I’m a 24 year old non-binary Jamaican. I am a true romantic, waiting for my soulmate. I have been practicing tarot for other people officially for two years but it’s been helping me personally LONG before. My spirituality has helped me out of an toxic, abusive situation & has led me to my passion: helping others.


I started out doing tarot readings for myself in 2019. I took the advice I was given & started to see how my life was improving & my depression was being alleviated. I feel so reassured that things started to look up around me as well. I felt like i was drowning before & this was the hand pulling me out of the water. I started helping friends when i could & they started seeing progress & recommending me to others. They would return with progress updates until strangers started coming to me. I am currently growing an online following on social media (Twitter) where I regularly post collective channeled messages that also resonate. I have done over 500 accurate tarot readings for strangers & family via the Internet.


I currently use the Modern Witch adaptation of the Rider-Waite tarot deck for all tarot readings. I use the Angel Oracle Deck for supplement or collective messages. When doing forecasts, I use the Lemormand deck with my tarot deck to supplement.

Services & Fees

all readings are done via email.

1. life check in ($25 USD) - one advice card is drawn for the five aspects of your life (work/school, finances, love life, family & friends and health). all yes/no questions will be answered.

2. happy birthday! ($15 USD) - this shows the parts of your life that will be in focus for the upcoming year, emotional challenges you will face, how you’ll approach your goals and your heart’s desires, how your mentality will change & a prediction of your overall energy for the year.

3. self-love ($15USD) - this is for those who feel a little down and need a reminder of how great you are and how great you can be.

4. self-growth ($25USD) - this is a reflection on how your past, upbringings & current influences are affecting your personal growth. it also advises you on how to use your strengths & points out how to correct your weaknesses to move forward to your higher self.

1. single & looking ($15USD) - this will show when you’ll find a suitable partner, what you need to do to find them & what your love life will look like for the next 12 months.

2. compatibility ($15USD) - this highlights your physical compatibility, mental compatibility and emotional compatibility. it also shows if there is potential for healthy growth. (for connections less than 3 months old)
3. is this connection worth it ? ($18USD) - this compares your feelings, how they genuinely feel about you, what you each truly desire from each other and how you jointly feel about each other*. it also compares the pros & cons of this connection, gives advice on how to approach this connection moving forward and gives a prediction as to how things will turn out if you follow the advice. *you can ask for a “what’s being hidden” OR “what is influencing their mindset towards you” card (for connections over 3 months old)

4. closure ($20USD) - this shows how the relationship was, how your ex-partner really felt, what truly ended your relationship, the lessons you need to learn from this relationship & what to do moving forward.
5. soulmate, wya ? ($15 USD) - this gives a clue as to what sun sign your soulmate will be & how to know if you’ve already met them, answers if you’ve met them already, & how to draw them closer to you.

6. am i ready for the love i’m looking for? ($15 USD) - this helps you to see if you are fully ready for a healthy and lasting relationship. it reminds you of lessons you were meant to learn from past relationships & what you need to work on moving forward to bring the person right for you into your life.


1. job hunt ($15USD) - this shows when you’ll get a job or promotion, what you need to emphasize, what you need to improve on and overall motivation for interviews.

2. am i on the right path ? ($15 USD) - this shows what it would be like if you continue on the career path of your choice, where you can find assistance to get to your dream job, what it would be while you’re there and what you need to work on to achieve your goal.

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