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Give me your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. I will generate your horoscope and use the powerful Vedic Astrology techniques to solve your problems. I can also give you advice about how to maximize your gains in a particular period and to minimize your problems and losses.

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Nationality 🇮🇳 India
Languages English, தமிழ்
Experience 26 Years

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I have more than 25 years of experience in Vedic Astrology. I was trained by my father Sri P K Subramaniam, who was a famous astrologer in Palakkad, Kerala and in Chennai. I have analysed thousands of horoscopes and submitted reports with charts. I have read important astrology books like those written by Dr B V Raman, Natesa Sastirgal etc and enhanced my knowledge. If you give me your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, then I can generate your horoscope and answer your question/problem through Vedic Astrology. I can locate what are the planets causing your issues, and I can indicate when the concerns are likely to disappear or get solved. I can also give remedies like gemstones. I can write astrology reports in lucid and simple English.


My father taught me Vedic Astrology when I was quite young. Since then, I have taken a deep interest in the Vedic Astrology. I have analysed thousands of horoscopes and predicted for thousands of clients. Today, with a rich experience, I am able to spot out the problems and solutions for my clients at a mere look at their horoscopes.


I generate the horoscope with the help of the date of birth details given by the client. After generating the horoscope, I analyze the planetary positions, current dasha period, current transit of planets and find out what is causing the problem for the client. Then, I figure out when the issue is likely to end. I also give remedies if required. I give the clients a report that contains all the precise points required. It will be written in simple English. It will carry the picture of the horoscopes also.

For the Tarot Card Reading, I shuffle the cards and find out an yes or know answer. Here, I do not discuss the problems deeply with the clients. If the client , for example, wants to know whether any relationship will come to him in that particular month or week, then I shuffle the Tarot card and say yes or no answer. Clients should ask questions which have Yes or No answers.

Sometimes, I combine the Tarot Card Reading with Astrology and answer the questions. If the client gives date of birth, time of birth and place of birth and asks a simple Yes or No question, then I may generate his/her horoscope and also use the Tarot Card for getting the right answer.


I have thousands of commendations from my clients who are satisfied with my experience. I offer chat facility, Talk facility and Report facility to thousands of clients through various Astrology Websites. My rating and review are good in these websites.

Services & Fees

Here, I offer Astrology Report Service for your problems. You may ask as many questions as you like. For my astrology report, I charge a fixed price of $60 per report per person. You will get your report by email within three days of payment. Please note that if you want me to analyze two horoscopes that is if two persons are involved like in the relationship issue, then the fee is $120. However, if you give me only your date of birth details and ask about relationship with another person, then I will charge only $60 as here I am analyzing only one horoscope even though two persons are involved.

For my Tarot Card Service, you should ask me only a question involving Yes or No Answer. I will use the Tarot Card and answer your question and send you the answer Yes or No for your question within three days of receipt of payment. The fees for this service is a fixed cost of $10 per question.

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