Specializing in love and relationships intuitive tarot reading. Is he the one? Is he cheating? Will he come back? What does he feel for me? Is this true love? Am I being used? Should I trust him? As well as general tarot readings: What do I have to look forward to/watch out for in the year 2019?

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Experience 7 Years

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I am a sensitive soul who is here to offer my empathy and understanding. My mother committed suicide when I was 18 and my father disowned my brother and I shortly thereafter. I understand pain and sorrow, longing and grief. I am here to help you feel safe and confident in the future, instead of afraid. Let’s see what the cards have to say for you and your situation!


I began my practices with astrology, looking up my horoscope, birth chart and so on, only as a side hobby. My interest grew and grew until I was asking friends and family and basically anyone I came across for their birth details so that I could make up their chart! After that, I stumbled upon tarot reading and fell in love. I soon realized I actually had a natural intuition that worked wonders for reading the cards. Other people started to agree, and suggested that I quit my job and begin tarot reading and astrology for a living. I considered it and began my search online for jobs and other ways to help people out there who were seeking guidance and answers from the tarot and astrology. And here I am! The last 3 years it has been a fun and life changing experience and for the last [removed] years I’ve doing readings for people around the world online. My clients have great things to say about my services and apparently I’m on point and scary accurate! Always a pleasure to help out in any way I can, and I am confident that you will not have to fear the future any longer once we are finished with your reading.


Ask me any question or questions that are on your mind. I may ask a few questions here and there, and you may or may not answer them, some clients do and some would rather not, which ever you are most comfortable with.
For astrology readings, I’ll need your birth details (birthdate, birth place and birth time) and then I’ll produce your birth chart to further answer your questions.
For tarot readings, I’ll shuffle my cards, I use the Rider-Waite deck.
I’ll have a client hold the cards for a minute after shuffling because i have had better, more accurate readings when clients rub a little of their own “ju-ju” on the cards, for their reading.
Online it has been different.
I give it a minute or two, or until I feel ready, in silence with you. I’ll clear my mind and try to connect with you, though we are miles apart. After a while I will pull your cards and that’s where the magic happens! I’ll give you an in depth interpretation, meeting all topics of concern and answering all your questions.
Dream interpretation is another art I am practicing.
I have a dream interpretation book but I also use the knowledge of dreams an psychology that I have acquired through the years of study.
Dreams occur because of things in our life that we cannot face, and at times, there will be hidden messages, and even indicators that help us predict what may be soon to come.

Services & Fees

All platforms (video, chat, website, etc.) are priced equally.

* Tarot Readings:
- Relationship Analysis: All priced flat fee $8.00 (8-cards)
Cheating/other issues
Trust/other issues
His/her feelings
Relationship Analysis Overview
What to do/ how to fix
Understanding the issues
Daily — $3.00
Weekly — $4.00
Monthly — $5.00
Mini Celtic Cross — $7.00
Full Celtic Cross — $9.00
Past/Present/Future — $5.00
Custom requested spreads are all equally priced $1/card
Ex: 7-card Spread — $7.00
3-card Spread — $3.00
11-card Spread — $11.00


First tarot reading free with purchase of one.
General Reading (3-cards)

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