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Krystal has been a Psychic Reader for sixteen years. She is world traveled and an expert linguist. She uses her keen observational skills, life experience, and psychic abilities to help people get unstuck. She believes that everyone is psychic to some extent, but it lies mostly dormant in most.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 38
Experience 17 Years

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Lighthearted, funny, kind, and dry. One of Krystal's core beliefs is people should NOT become readers until they have sufficient life experience in which to draw their reference points. NOTHING MAKES HER UNCOMFORTABLE.
Daughter of a travelling evangelical Christian preacher and exorcists; she is well versed in the "demonic" phenomena. She was born into the Christian religion and left it, after a truth journey, in her mid thirties.
She LOVES Quantum Theory & spends most her free time teaching herself about the principles of Quantum Physics. She is telepathic and can communicate with Extraterrestrials when necessary. Krystal believes your experiences and never forgets to see things through your lens. An astute listener, she has the ability to observe vocal fluctuations in order to help her clients find their own truths. She is married, and an Entrepreneur. She considers her family to be LGBTQIA+ and is bisexual herself. Coming out was a huge thing for her considering she grew up xian. Krystal has an unique ability to get down to the heart of a matter. She's dedicated her ENTIRE LIFE to enlightenment. She became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2005, and started her Therapeutic career with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company so her customer service skills are unprecedented and unmatched. She suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, specially Agoraphobia. She LOVES figuring things out! She is a staple reader for her small Texas town and she believes in ethics and so she reads, in person, for free. She not only believes in ethics, she lives it. She believes Edgar Cayce was a great example of this and admires his morals. She has two personal heros, Albert Einstein and Dolores Cannon. She reads A LOT! She has read all eighteen of Cannon's books. She reads EVERYTHING to do with physics, ETS, medical breakthrough technology, and the human mind. Though she lacks a degree in psychology she has studied Neurolinguistic Programming since she was a teenager. She is not a conspiracy theorist, but is very comfortable understanding why some people have a predisposition to think that way. She helps clients understand their own Cognitive Biases in order to help them get REAL results. An an agnostic-athetist she uses her psychic abilities to help her access anomalous information order to help her clients achieve breakthrough. She has lost 186lbs by sheer thought alone; doctor proven, and went from a size 26, at one point, to a 6 with no surgery, diets, etc. She believes in the power of the mind and the balance of the spiritual self in order to live a productive life. ALL things must be in balance.


She is an intrapersonal genius who has always had an acute sense for reading and understanding people. Now at Level 38, she has evolved to a point with such life experience and practice that she observes things others can not. She always is direct and to the point, but kind.


She uses cards as guide for structured readings, and then she also utilizes whatever information comes through for unstructured readings. In person over the phone she uses her abilities to understand body language to help her get to the subconscious needs of the person and find the truth and help them get unstuck with life.


She was a licensed Massage Therapist, but did not renew her license as life took her in another direction when she decided to travel the world. She is a Certified Massage Therapist with a specialty in pain management, myofascial release technique, and range of motion rehabilitation. Krystal thrives in chaos and has every job you can imagine. She's completed various leadership courses and is even food safety certified! She is also a Master Energy Practitioner; which is where she spends the majority of her healing work focus these days.

Services & Fees

All services are free until Jan 1, 2023. Accepts 100% completely optional donations on Venmo @psychickrystal

After 1/1/23 rates will be as follows:

30 minutes- $45
60 minutes- $75
90 minutes- $105

All readings allow multiple decks and follow up questions as time allows.

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City: Wolfe City
State/Region: Texas
Zip/Postcode: 75496
Country: United States 🇺🇸
Mon>Sun 730pm-11pm

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