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I am happy to offers Psychic Readings. I use Ouija, Tarot, Pendulum and pure psychic Abilities to perform your readings.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 56
Experience 40 Years

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I am a natural born;
Empath- are able to sense emotions and feelings.
Clairsentient- is another term frequently applied to empaths.
Clairvoyant- (literally "clear vision") primarily sense through dreams and visions.
Clairaudients- sense things in the form of sounds.
Channels- like mediums are sensitive to spirits, but they may allow a spirit or guide temporary access to their own senses in order to facilitate direct communication.

I have been using a Ouija from the 1980's

OK she senses spirits;

Finding my abilities at age 5 when I saw a small man running in front of my apartment after the 1972 Earthquake in California. As time progressed I went on to see things in my home in Glendale, CA at about age 8-9.


I just love the paranormal!

Love's the field of ghost hunting and spirits.

My life has become a daily journey. My grandmother died in this house in 1990 in 1991 my daughter heard a voice ask her “how are you” downstairs, in 1995 My father came home and was eating dinner when he swung around saying he was tired of it looking at him. My mother looked at him like he was crazy. He proceeded to explain what had been going on at work. Doors closing against the wind, hands on his shoulder, black shadows. This year was horrible for the family, and this thing followed my father from work to our home. We lived there a few more years and moved 3 houses up and this shadow followed us there. I have done a house cleaning and it seems to have calmed but other entities have emerged in this home. EVP and Spirit images have been documented. No matter what I do this house can’t be cleared.


I have over 35 years’ experience with online, in person, and phone readings. At age 5 I have a vision after the 1972 earthquake in California. The vision included a small being that when ran was making the shaking. This was the first memory of my gift. At age 9 I saw a vision from the past on my property. This took years to confirm but I did confirm it. When I was 16 I had a car, that went around me at a mountain area in California and took the last parking area. I said oh well let’s find another area. When I got home that night the car that had passed me up and took my parking was attacked and the two people killed that night. My spiritual helpers were there to make sure I stayed safe. After many years of helping friends and family, I proceeded to go professional with in-person readings, these were my favorite. I worked professionally as a phone advisor and with the internet I moved forward to online readings. My clients say that I am compassionate, professional and never sugarcoat my answers. If you are looking for advisor that will give you the truth I am her. I will never judge you or make you feel bad. I specialize in love and romantic issues. I also can connect to your deceased loved ones through a Pendulum or the Ouija Board.


. I use different tools to give you a reading. These include pure intuition, Tarot, Pendulum, and Ouija. My spirit guides have been with me since birth and relay information to me to give to you. I will only give you the truth, good or bad. You will always have a chance to change your future.

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