I'm a psychology student in my last year and an ardent lover of tarot. I was always fascinated by the cards but only began working extensively through them after I became familiar with psychoanalysis. My readings go beyond the surface problem, unveiling the mysteries of the psyche.

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I grew up in a fiercely skeptical family who discouraged my so-called sensibility and urged me to "get my head out of the clouds and come back to earth" throughout my childhood. For a time they managed to get to me, stifling my curiosity and creativity and bringing a period of intense sadness and suffering upon me. The process of cracking open the thick shell of ignorance that had been imposed upon me was long and arduous, and most of all, lonely. Now, years later, I can finally look in the mirror and recognize myself in my reflection. Spirituality and tarot have been essential pieces in the process of my development and to them I owe a lot of my current peace of mind. Two years ago I began reading for people besides myself, mostly locally but also through the internet. As a result of my history with both tarot and psychology, my readings tend to be highly psychoanalytical, diving into repressed thoughts and emotions more than into the surface consequences of these thoughts and emotions.


I began by doing readings for friends and friends of my friends, free of charge, using my own personal methods of interacting with the cards. I quickly began gaining "repeat customers" who would come to me when they needed help and understanding of their mental and emotional goings-on. Later, to challenge myself, I began doing readings for complete strangers on the internet, asking for little to no situational context and allowing the cards to speak through me. Through this endeavor I was introduced to the possibility of charging for my readings, however, with being a primarily spiritual person with little interest in the practical aspects of the world, I found the idea to be quite daunting. Still, my love for the art of tarot was stronger than my apprehension, which is why I now find myself here, writing these words.


I consider that every tarot deck has their own voice and that I am merely a translator of their great wisdom. My readings are a dialogue between the querent and the cards, with myself as the interpreter.


Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

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