Young but intuitive tarot reader, willing to act as both as a guide and as a mirror for you. With two years of experience and over 150 readings under my belt, I've learned to interpret the cards through the lens of my Goddess, granting both clarity and insight to my clients.

Brittany (phantomacolyte) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 26
Experience 5 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Complicated)
Future Romance
Spiritual Guidance
Job & Career
Family Issues
Family Planning
Life Guidance
Decision Making





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I am 22 years old from California, but have lived in Colorado these last 5 years. While brought up in a Christian household, I converted to Paganism as a young teenager, with the Morrighan as my goddess. I am newly married and loving life. I hold a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, but currently am studying to become a high school teacher.


I started tarot reading after being taught the basics from a counselor. My first reading was, in his words, scarily accurate, and my new passion was born. While many of my readings consist of family, friends, and family's family's friends, I have done anonymous tarot work online in the past. I very strongly believe that every set of cards has a meaning, even if neither of us can make heads or tails of it; the cards never lie.


I use the Aleister Crowley tarot deck, in connection with my intuitive abilities, to weave a story from the cards. A "yes or no" one-word answer isn't possible with my particular form of reading, but that does not mean I can't give you a straightforward, more-or-less clear answer! I do general readings (no questions, just want to see what the cards say), directed readings (you have a question, but don't tell me what it is. This option is particularly useful for clients who feel uncomfortable divulging too much information, but does require the client to apply the reading to their question), and interpretive readings (You have a question, which I answer through the cards, no legwork required from you.)

Services & Fees

I offer general, directed, and interpretive readings based on two different rates: card count and time spent.

General Card Count: Card Count - 1 pricing. ($2 for 3 cards, $5 for 6 cards, etc.)
Directed Card Count: 1:1 pricing here ($3 for 3 cards, etc.)
Interpretive Card Count 1.5:1 pricing ($4.50 for 3 cards, etc.)

By time, $10 flat rate for anything underneath an hour. After the hour mark, $5/half hour.
This price is lower for an email or text reading ($5 for up to an hour, $3/half hour afterwards). I understand the worry about being charged for time that isn't used for you. I will keep an audio log and written log of all work I do for you reading(s), available upon request, to let you know you spent your money for all your time!


First 20 clients get reduced rates! Take 50% off all stated prices.

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