Are you tired of not being guided through life’s hurdles? Do you want assistance on taking control of your fate? Then come to me. I am Provincial Shakespeare. I can give you an honest message about your mental health, life, and well-being.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English, Italiano
Age 30
Experience 5 Years

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Future Romance
Spiritual Guidance
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I was born a Gemini, which gives me the gift of communication. While I did grow up in the church, I left that life. I have done Astrology on myself for 13 years. I first learned about it through daily horoscopes in my newspaper. I know all about sign placements, houses, and possibilities that occur with transits. I can even tell you how each planet has its own personality. My tarot reading for clients has occurred for a year now and a few have said that I’m very intuitive. When I’m not doing spiritual work, I also help people in real life through customer service. I’m even a personal assistant at a nursing home.


I can’t explain how it happened. Even though I’m under the age of 30, I seem to have a gift. I was tired of being unemployed. No jobs were popping up, so I decided to go into tarot reading. At first, it was foreign to me, but through time, I became an expert. I tried a social media website to get readings, but there weren’t a lot. I do care about my clients,though. That will never change.


I usually meditate before I do a tarot reading. Sometimes I would ask a client to join in with me. The spreads I use are generally towards life guidance. That seems to be my specialty. I hope I can achieve my goal in helping you. A three card spread has the past, present, and future. I am wary on doing love readings because from personal experience, you cannot make someone love you. That’s why I have a self love spread. It has five cards and can show you your strengths and weaknesses, along with self care tips.


-Used Paypal and Cashapp to grow my Tarot business
-Knowledge of astrology, numerology, and tarot
-I’m an Empath
For those of you who know MBTI, I’m an INFJ, which means I literally am the Advocate. Introvert, intuitive, feeling, and judging.

Services & Fees

I’m open to doing free readings as well. I know people can’t afford everything all the time.
Email: $10 per half hour.
Guidance spread is 3 cards. A significator card is an extra fee for $5. For the guidance spread, it is $10. That’s for your past present and future.
This is also the same price as the family and friends card spread. It has five cards. Your past life, your family past life, how you all came together, etc.

The average time I can do a reading is roughly an hour or more depending on the different messages I get.
My last spread is the Career one. On holidays, it’s 30% off. Birth charts are $5. All I need is your birthday, the city and state you were born in, and the time you were born.


For New Year’s Day, everything will be 15% off!
Every Christmas, I will do a Yule Christmas bundle. There will be a simple yes or no reading for $20. I can also do a yes or no question. Both are ten percent off.
This will be the same with every holiday.

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