38 year old wife, Tarot Diviner and Spiritual Worker that provides guidance and insight to all peoples, worldwide! I'm here to help you by seeing the unseen and telling you the truth about what is going on, but only if you ask me! I work by honesty and a code of ethics. Let's chat!

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 40
Experience 9 Years

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I'm a Midwest native that has made a home in the Southern United States. I came to the South to attend college. Like many people, I ended up finding the love of my life in college and married. My husband and I (we are a heterosexual couple) enjoy spending time with our pupper, a beautiful Chocolate Labrador. I grew up in a slightly religious Christian household. Like many people, I was 'born' into this. I do not follow the religion nor do I consider myself Christian, but I respect others' religious choices and lifestyles. I've experienced a lot of life in my young 39 years: I've worked in both corporate and small business arenas. I've worked in customer service, and a lot of my professional experience is in technology. I've been in love, had boyfriends cheat on me and leave me, I've left boyfriends as well. I've lived in condos and apartments and currently own my home. I've dealt with people I thought were friends betraying me, and I've also had to deal with familial drama that I have distanced myself from. I've traveled out of the USA and enjoy learning about other cultures and RESPECTING those cultures. I've experienced coworkers being jealous of me, and coworkers trying to throw me under the bus. I've experienced a lot in my young time here on Earth. Currently, I am a spiritual worker, what some people would call a witch. I work with and in various magickal paths. Rootwork/Conjure, Hermeticism, Goetia, Angelic magic, are my 'favorite' paths.


I am an intuitive tarot card reader, and I enjoy all things tarot, magic, and metaphysical. Working with and walking with the Spiritual world is part of my life, and it is a blessing to be able to help others. I began walking this path over 25 years ago, when I was a little girl. For over 25 years I’ve read, studied, and worked with various books, tools, and frameworks that have helped me to better understand and gain insight on the Spiritual world around me. Tarot is my favorite form of divination to use when I need insight into a situation. My studying various systems of magick and spirituality helps to enhance my readings. My practice has evolved as I evolve. I also continuously read and study about tarot, magic, astrology, Conjure/Hoodoo, numerology, etc taking in new ideas.


I have a bit of psychic clairsentience, when is why sometimes I just 'know' things, and can sometimes feel another person's energy, even if they are miles away. I learned to trust what I 'just know', which has helped me to better navigate life. I trust my 'knowing' and intuition when I get quick glimpses of information. This gift helps me to help my clients as I pick up on their energy and on people and situations going on in their lives when I'm doing their readings.

Many people think, or assume that because most decks were created based on a “standard” set of meanings, that every tarot reader will provide a client with the same “standard” meaning of a card. With this in mind, I can understand why some people wouldn’t want to take a chance with a tarot reading. What would be the point of a cookie cutter, one size fits all tarot reading? This kind of approach to reading tarot does not and will not provide a client with a meaningful and detailed reading for them.

I do not read tarot, nor interpret a reading in this way.

When I perform a tarot reading, no matter if its for a client or myself, the process tends to go a little like this:

First: I set up my working space and get into the correct frame of mind: this can include anything from using my favorite incense and lighting a candle or, to taking a few moments to choose the best deck in which to receive messages. THIS is important to me.

Once I am in the correct frame of mind, I begin to shuffle my tarot cards.

I shuffle the cards while thinking of or speaking the question, and when it feels right, I lay out three cards, face down. I normally turn over the middle card first, and then the other two. I do not begin providing answers; I pause to deeply take in all that is presented to me. Then, I begin puling other cards from the shuffled deck to add on to the previously pulled cards so that I can get a detailed synopsis of the energy embedded in the tarot answers. I take note of: major cards, minor cards, numerological aspects of the cards, images on the cards, tarot suits and their corresponding/opposing elements, court cards and the directions they face, reversed cards if any, and so much more, in addition to ‘base’ card meanings. I interpret and analyze a great deal of information. Add a layer of intuitive insight into the mix, and a great reading is on its way.

When I feel that I have garnered all that I need to know, only then is when I provide myself/the client with the guidance sought as it relates to the question, with confidence.

I approach all of my tarot readings for clients and for myself this way, no matter the topic. If a client chooses me to read for them, I let it be known that I am not here to judge them, but help them the best I can.


Life. I have experienced life.

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All readings are paid in United States Dollars.

Email Delivered Tarot Readings

Career Reading - $55
General Reading - $55
Love & Relationship Reading - $55
Your Specific Question Answered - $55
Three Month Ahead Forecast - $77

Live Phone Tarot Readings (for those with a USA telephone number)

30 Minutes Live Tarot Reading via Phone- $60
1 Hour Live Tarot Reading via Phone- $120



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