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Peace Reflection. My name is Shantell but I Go by Peace Within. I've been on my spiritual journey for almost 2 years & I love my experience so far but I want more, I want to help others find clarity & get to where they need to be on their journey.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 24
Experience 3 Years

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I'm 22 years of age. I'm single & I am a mom of 3. 1 of my girls passed away but I'm still moving on as I have to. I love to read, write, dance, sing/rap & spend time with my family & my tarot cards. I do hair & I also speak publicly or should say I plan to go public. I have different platforms I use to spread information to help others. I work for myself as of now I am working towards building my other businesses up. I have clientele as far as hair but I want to grow more in other areas. I also have a few clients with tarot but as I said I would love to expand & help in anyway I can. I was sent here for a reason & I'm working towards it.


All my life I've been the run to person. People come to me for advice & just to get my perspective on life or just certain situations in general. I always talk to people about life purpose or how they can get through or over come whatever is being thrown at them at that time. I feel as though you can get through anything it just depends on your mindset & what you attract to you.


I hear & see things as well as read minds & feel energy. I receive messages through songs & randomly hear voices. I use tarot to confirm or give me a feel of what I already know. I also randomly sing or rap messages or just can't stop talking because I'm receiving a download & it has to be said. People look at me weird or funny because of my gifts or because I know stuff & I call them out about it. They deny or lie & I dream or forsee it so I confirm what I already felt but I usually just walk away because they won't believe me or they will continue to lie. I'm physic as heck lol like I know or feel so much I can't e
xplain it just know that I know.

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