I am an intuitive reader with over 30 years of experience in tarot and universal symbolism. My readings are done with compassion and care, but I don’t sugar coat; I’ll tell you exactly what I see.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 55
Experience 32 Years

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The Pretty Stuff: I’m an artist and animal lover born and raised in California. I have three children and two grandchildren and I am a founding board member of a cat rescue. I’m an Animist and Pantheist, often calling myself a free form mystic as all my 54 years of life I have been able to experience the magic of the Universe in way that was personal and organic.

The Ugly Stuff: I have survived my parent’s divorce, an unkind father, being bullied as a kid, domestic violence (twice), the murder of a loved one, a serious car wreck, and a few natural disasters (earthquakes and fires).


I started with dreams when I was a child. My mother was into understanding dreams, self hypnosis and past lives, etc. We talked about our dreams. When I got older I bought books about dreams, not dream dictionaries, but books on how drams work. This was in my teens and also bought books on astrology. I was deep into symbolism. In 1991 I received my first tarot deck. I understood it like a bird understands the wind. A few years later I got a second deck; it was a deck based on Arthurian legend which was a legend I knew well, so understanding the cards came easy as I already knew the stories behind them. This boosted my comfort and understanding. In 1996 I joined Aeclectic Tarot Forum and I ate drank and slept tarot for the next 6 years. I read for other people, got more decks and became very comfortable and confident reading for other people online. I started selling my readings in 2002 and have been doing ever since. I have acquired a fair sized collection of decks and have created spreads I use in most of my readings. I have begun creating a series of lessons that help tarot enthusiasts connect to the card meanings in a personal way.


I predominantly use cards and if intuition calls, there is a bit of astrology sprinkled in. I and mostly a claircognizant and clairvoyant and that plays into my card readings. The Dreamwork I do is mostly text book human psyche symbolism, the only one who can really decipher a dream is the dreamer, I’m just there to help.

Services & Fees

I do email readings, as they are easier with my busy schedule and differences in time zones, but I can do chat/messenger readings.
I price by the number of cards.
3 Cards $20
4 Cards $24
5 Cards $30
6 Cards $36
Dream Interpretation $22

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