I am an empathic intuitive cartomancy reader. My style of reading is intuitive while also using some meanings. I truly enjoy reading cards and it is incredibly satisfying to provide someone with the answers they need.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 37
Experience 4 Years

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Future Romance
LGBT Issues
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I grew up in a Baptist religion. I identify more as a spiritual soul as it is what I feel makes the most sense. I have always had empathic abilities, although I didn't understand for a while. I have always had a deep fascination and interest in the spiritual realm and cartomancy. I also enjoy astrology, although I do not practice it myself.

I'm married with two teenage girls. I have crazy houseful of 6 dogs. My oldest teen has begun to learn Tarot and my youngest teen is an animal empath and, I believe, a communicator. I enjoy meditations outside listening to the sounds and I also do most of my readings outdoor as well. I find more peace in the natural settings.


I have always enjoyed being a helping hand and guiding listener for others. I have always known I could take on the feelings and energies of others. I decided to open up spiritually recently and haven't looked back.


I read with Tarot and Oracle cards. I am an intuitive empath as well. All readings are private and confidential. I do readings through email and instant messenger.

Services & Fees

One card pulls for Tarot or Oracle are $3.00
Three card readings with Tarot are $5.00
Four card Tarot with one Oracle is $7.00
Eight to ten card spreads involving Tarot and Oracle are $15.00

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