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Hi beautiful souls! My name is Laura and I am a daughter of Oshun, the Orisha of Fertility, Love, Sweetness and Bitterness, Seduction and all powers of the River. I am a Tarot Medium/Counselor and Owner of Oshun’s Daughter Tarot.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English, Español
Age 31
Experience 5 Years

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LGBT Issues
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Astrology Forecasting
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Lost Property
Psychic Detective
Mediumship (communication with the dead)
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Dream Interpretation
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I am a married, mother of a special needs child, a beautiful and sweet little girl who brings me the happiness life has to offer. I have the career of my dreams working in a law firm but I do divination in Tarot, Geomancy, Tea Leaves, Dream Interpretation, etc., because it is something that sets my soul on fire. I absolutely love it. I love helping people find resolutions in their lives and work towards that.


I began a few years ago reading tarot non-professionally, just for my husband and I. I realized I had great gifts and I wanted to share this to benefit the world.


I combine my spiritism/espiritismo abilities and intuitive mediumistic talents to connect with my Gypsy spirit who walks beside me and guides me to give advice to those in need. She is very good and loves to help others rise to know and love themselves.


You may find my business on via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the United States of America as Oshuns Daughter Tarot. I am also planning on becoming accredited to give all of my clients a peace of mind. But despite qualifications, licenses and physical accreditations, what truly matters is what happens between a client and their tarot medium. That dialogue and energy is extremely valuable to me.

Services & Fees

For one hour, I charge $35.55 for 3 card readings and $65.55 for 6 card readings. Each reading is a counseling session so after payment, I take an hour or two to do spiritual work with my Gypsy spirit, then I consult her and pull the cards. Afterwards, I show my client a photo or video of the reading and provide a text file with a reading summary. This is followed by advice or counseling for 30 minutes max afterwards. I love to show my clients support and let them know I am there not only as their personal Trusted Tarot Counselor, but also as a loyal friend.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is causing such a global crisis, I am offering an extra 30 minutes after the reading to support those with anxiety, depression and PSTD or other issues related to this pandemic.

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