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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
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Age 34
Experience 23 Years

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My name is Jessica, I'm a 30 year old mom of two living in Virginia. I'm married to my wonderful husband who accepts me for who I am. I identify myself as bi-sexual and I also find myself to be more spiritual than religious.


I have always felt more intuitive from a young age, although I never knew why. I was able to see things that most people couldn't, from faces of passed loved ones to having the knowledge of things that hadn't happened yet. I creeped my mom out more than a few times, but I was also able to help her heal.
This is my first time expanding my gifts to others outside my friends and family, but I want to help others in need by giving them the advice they need.
I had spent some of my younger years in Salem, Massachusetts learning through those I met who helped me hone my abilities into what they are today.


During readings I allow the energies to guide the information. I use tarot cards in many readings, as well as oracle cards. I have 4 different decks of tarot cards, each one with a different emotion or message that allows me to be able to accurately relay information to you. I also am able to read auras and allow your spirit guides to contact me to pass along messages to you.

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