I've been reading cards since I was a teenager and after 30 years I do still enjoy working with my cards. I will help you to get the clarity you'll need with my readings and I will show you how a reading will give you back the inner power to get your dreams to come true.

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Nationality 🇮🇪 Ireland
Languages English
Experience 33 Years

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I'm a born empath and medium and I have always trusted and worked with cards, dices and other forms of divination to help myself and my clients. I apply NLP techniques to my reading, and also the Law of Attraction. I have been studying those topics for the last 20 years and I have first experienced the benefits on myself so I'm here to help you not only with my cards but also with techniques that will guide you to be the master of your life. I am a very open-minded person and I will always respect your privacy. truly love how I can deeply connect with my intuition and integrate it into my everyday life to empower myself.
Tarot is a great tool to find your own inner power and I do believe that a Tarot reading can give us that inner gentle kick that will point us to the right direction for make us the better version of ourselves.
I accept only ONE question for a Free Tarot Reading. The question should be centered around you and you might include some details around the situation the reading is about.
I don’t read on legal or health matters as those are better dealt with by professionals in those areas.
My readings are based on my belief that we choose our own paths in life and are responsible for our own actions. I do not predict the future, although I may read about the path you are on and where it may be leading.
I am not the maker of your destiny. Neither is the Tarot deck. I believe in free will and that your future is not set in stone.
With my cards, I can pick up where you are at the moment and give you advice but ultimately the decision is yours.


I learned Tarot with my grandmother when I was a teenager. But then in my 20's I decided to learn more and I've attended multiple workshops around the world, mostly in the UK. I have little by little worked on my natural skills and proceed to explore other ways of divination such as Lenormand and Oracle Cards. I have multiple certification: Tarot Master from Australia, Angel Certified Readiers from the USA, and Lenormand Master in the UK. My first tool is Tarot but now, after 30 years, I always include in my readings Lenormand or Oracle cards depending on the question and the moment. I have a vast library with books about divination and I am also a collector. I have a personal collection of more thatn 150 decks.


I start my readings with a Tarot deck, that I choose from my vast collection, intuitively and can vary from client to client. Then the numbers of cards I pull for readings are subject to the question and the client. I don't have one spread fits all way to work but rather every reading is different as I prefer to have a personal approach with each customer. So I read by reading the cards but my psychic and medium connection is also an important part of each reading. And with that I will include a combination of my psychic abilities to complete a reading. I can apply numerology, astrology or an oracle card to complete my readings.


Certified Tarot Master Reader.
Certified Angel Cards Reader.
Certified Lenormand Cards Reader
Certified Crystal Therapy Practioner
Reiki Master and NLP Apprentice.

Services & Fees

Reading on one subject starts at 20$ for 20 minutes.
1 Hour reading 50$.
Full session: reading plus personal development plan 80 $


February 2020: Short readings (3 Cards on one subject) 15$

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