I am an intuitive coach, astrologer and tarot reader. I specialize in relationship issues, particularly in romantic and family situations, including (but not limited to) the twin flame dynamic.

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Age 46
Experience 19 Years

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I am a single mother originally from the midwest. The majority of my big life lessons I learned through my relationships with men (though I learned a couple big ones from women too). I have been an addict of all kinds of things: substances, people, work and food to name a few. At the beginning of 2018, I met my twin flame which started me a on an amazing journey of spiritual awakening. I had never had any real exposure to religion or spirituality prior to my awakening, but had always been interested in astrology and tarot. Once I started on the process of awakening, my intuitive gifts became incredibly sharp. I was even able to provide my local police department with details about a double drowning homicide.

I have experienced a whole rainbow of challenges in my life that I now believe were a form of preparation. Those experiences helped me understand people from a very intimate perspective, allowing me to receive my psychic gifts and share them with you.


I was a hair stylist for 20 years. It's well known that stylists are often considered counselors by their clients. Over the course of 20 years, I have learned a lot about how to listen to people and how to hear what they are saying without words. In my earlier years as a stylist, I didn't have a lot of confidence in my ability to help others, even though clients would tell me consistently how much they appreciate my help. I also had a harder time listening back then. As I have matured personally in spiritual and emotional ways, I have found great value in listening to (and feeling) what a client has to say. I also have found that the confidence (and FAITH!) in my abilities has caused my gifts to sky rocket!


I check the current astrology daily, sometimes multiple times a day, depending on what's going on in the sky. I also like to use tarot and oracle cards in conjunction with astrology and numerology.


I am an astrologer and a certified spiritual life coach.

Services & Fees

30 minute tarot - $45
1 hour tarot- $70
Birth Chart Analysis- $95
Spiritual life coaching- $90/month


My prices are currently as low as they are going to be, with a price increase planned for 12/01/2021.

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