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I believe all life is a form of energy, and vibrations, waves, and frequencies are how we communicate with those energies. I use my intuition to interpret those lines of communication. Pairing that along with a unique perspective enables me to provide guidance on the issues we face every day.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English, Español
Age 38
Experience 6 Years

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35 year old mother of three on my 4th long term relationship. I worked food and beverage management for almost 20 years. I'm a spiritual person but not so much religious. I was an about church patron every week for 15 years but it didn't answer my questions so I went out and did my own searching for answers and found pieces in EVERY religion that resonated with me. But not one religionthat felt completely right. So I researched enlightenment and universal awakening and higher vibrational consciousness. It was there that I found my answers. The whole time the answers I was in search of were already a part of who I am. Then little by little every event and struggle I had been through in my life began to make sense. All the pain and abuse and neglect I no longer needed to be angry about. I was able to forgive and make use of all my experiences. Today I take all that knowledge and pair it with my intuitive and empathic gifts and use it to help others in search of answers and guidance and those who have lost their way to find what they are looking for. I've learned how to channel my abilities to receive messages and insight from the universes vibrational energies to send good vibes and and energy back out into the world in hopes of creating More balance in this life


For as long as I can remember I've been giving words of encouragement and advice to those who have opened up to me and cine crying on my shoulder or who just needed a supportive ear to listen while they vented their frustrations and concerns to. As a young girl it was encouraging other girls to be brave and have confidence and to some it was too remind then that they are worth more than what their situation had made then believe our feel that they were worth. As a young adult it was helping teenagers with school and personal struggles while their parents were off doing drugs or to busy to remember they had children at home alone to fend for themselves. In the last five year's after finding my own answers to my life's purpose I've help friends and loved ones connect with those that they had lost giving them reassurance and messages from those that have passed. Answered many questions and removed fear from many who didn't know where to turn our how they would rise from the tragedy and despair they were in. I can't put a number on how many I've helped over the years just being me and not thinking about consciously helping someone. This is who I am. This is what I was born to do. Theseare thegifts that I have been given and now I'm sharing then with you.


I use tarot, numerology, astrology, intuition, and the insight from the universe through sight sound and to feel and interpret what all these energies and entities are trying to tell every one off us every day.


Address: Wichita
City: Wichita
State/Region: Kansas
Zip/Postcode: 67218
Country: United States 🇺🇸

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