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Silvia Hunter  (nebula) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇷🇴 Romania
Languages English
Age 37
Experience 13 Years

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LGBT Issues
Health Concerns
Life Guidance
Decision Making
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Missing Persons




Dream Interpretation
Hand writing interpretation
Aura Visualization

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I grew up watching my mom giving card and coffee readings to neighbors, friends, etc, who appeared in some kind of distress if you'd like, however I didn't know exactly what the situation was and how she was helping them. I do however remember recognizing the intensity built around the reading sessions, and picked up on the energy relief they'd feel as they were saying their goodbyes. She'd allow me peak at the reads, so I started learning the spreads without her officially teaching it to me.


I pursued my curiosity and desire to learn the secrets of the tarot readings and got my first deck 10+ years ago, which I still use until today. I knew I was on to something when after reading cards for my friends and saw things I had no way of knowing about their secrets if you'd like. I then observed their overall reaction and noticed the energy in the room got heavy as everyone was introspecting, so I learned to respect the gift, and the cards.
My first teacher was an Israeli Kaballist who taught me to feel the energy around me, of the cards and how to translate the messages into words for someone in need, while controlling my personal involvement/experiences. Since then, I explored my gift and received my Reiki II certification, learned to meditate and control an astral projection (first time it happened when I was just a child), and tested it with details (my mom in Romania who I saw lying in bed - she was sick wearing pink pajamas all curled up).
In daily life all this began translating to feeling the energy of a space, of a person, and allowing to receive and unveil the truth about a situation, person, you name it, that was maybe "hidden" with or without intent from me at the time. Surely, it look a lot of practice as a young woman learning to trust myself, but by making those "mistakes/tests" I realized I am now in tune and able to help others. I stand today in front of you and ask you to confidently reach out for an honest reading.


I like to begin with a Tarot read for most of my clients, which helps get an overall understanding of a situation as sometimes that's all they need, however, I can and will "read" their energy or someone else's, meditate or astral project for/with them, the sky is the limit.

Services & Fees

I don't have set fees. Depending on the amount of work, and the satisfaction of my clients, I encourage them to pay however much they see fit for the session.

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