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I have worked as an intuitive empath, clairaudient, and card reader for 15 years. As an intuitive empath, I specialize in current relationship issues and helping people honestly answer questions such as "Are they thinking of me?" "What are their intentions?" "How are they feeling."

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Nationality 🇨🇦 Canada
Languages English
Experience 17 Years

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I've been empathic most my life and could easily sense peoples' thoughts and feelings. My empathy made me extremely sensitive, shy, and social phobic into my adult years. However, my shyness and observation of others (from keeping a safe distance), helped me to become a watcher of others, and to feel for what was going on inside them, and the psychological dynamics involved. I've always had a natural understanding of psychology. And since allowing myself to speak to others of what I sense and feel, I've become good at conveying what is going on with a loved on (or in themselves), or why someone is acting a certain way, in a way others can understand. I've also studied a lot on sleep and dreams, learning a lot about archetypes, symbols, and dream interpretation.

After becoming very ill in my late 20's and having numerous out of body experiences and a near death encounter, I became more interested in the new age, though something still felt missing. Around this time, my sister got me a tarot deck, and I didn't intend to become a reader, but friends would ask for advice, and this led to referrals and then becoming a psychic as a profession.

In 2011, before Fukushima, my life would take a turn after being asked to give a new years reading for 2011 on a friends radio program, which I had never tried to read this way before. What came through inspired me to realize how disconnected I was to Nature/Mother/Yin element and focused too predominantly on the Father/Spirit/Yang realms. I've written two books based upon many of the insights and messages that came through.


When I started 15 years ago, I was gifted a tarot deck and started giving readings to friends and attracting paid [removed] I was quite shy and fearful of talking to others. However, I was much more fearful of being seen as inaccurate than telling someone the truth in the gentlest way possible. So I've always been someone who doesn't try to shield someone from hearing something painful. Years of reading have made me a little more blunt in my style. But I still try to present information in a way that is digestible as possible .I don't like giving work readings or fortune telling, however, unless it comes up naturally in a reading, or I'm reading collective situations.

Wanting to learn how to give a better reading (or just how to speak to others), in the early 2000's, I took courses in coaching. Since the 1990's I'd taken courses in Reiki, Flower Essences, and other forms of healing, but more for self interest. However, in 2004, there was one course called "Energy Psychotherapy" (EFT) that looked really interesting. After trying it on a client in distress in 2005, and having it work so well, I started getting more and more clients seeking energy work in combination with EFT (over the phone, remotely). I do pick up things during a healing session and it is very different from how I give a regular reading.

I ended up shifting back to doing psychic work in 2008, after I met a psychic who started having me on her radio show. I eventually ended up having my own show on CBS New Sky Radio and other stations. Being on radio really did a lot to help me overcome my fear of speaking.

Around the same time, I started writing for various metaphysical magazines and in 2012 completed my first book, which arose from reading more of the collective climate and working with clairaudience and automatic writing (though I used cards as well). More recently, I have focused on creating an completing two oracle decks.


With love readings, I use a persons name and the name of a significant other to tune in. I will use cards at first to get an overview of the situation and to use to establish a connection with the client. Then I ask the client to ask their questions of what they want to know. To answer their questions, I will use cards but also provide deeper information and the psychological dynamics involved using empathic ability. I also will hear information clairaudiently. I sometimes receive information clairvoyantly (seeing pictures), but this tends to happen more when giving a healing session.

One of the things I have helped others the most with is love addictions (such as unrequited love addiction, ambivalent love addiction, sex addiction, romance addiction, etc). Having studied a lot on the subject and learned a lot from the stories of clients, I help others understand why they happen, and how they keep a person from attracting a truly intimate and grounded relationship.


Was a guest on several radio shows which I read on air. Had my own psychic radio show on CBS New Sky Radio. Was featured on the cover of Bellesprit Magazine in 2012. Author of I am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond and the Healers of The Earth Oracle.

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