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I specialize in reading tarot cards and helping to answer your questions to life's mystery. I also specialize in dream interpretation as well as astrology. Come have a chat with me to unlock the secrets of your life. Together we will make change happen.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 31
Experience 5 Years

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My name is Jessica and I come from Florida but recently moved to beautiful TN. I was brought up in a religious household but always had a desire for the unknown. I have always dared to ask questions. I'm currently engaged to a wonderful man who is supportive and I have had five wonderful years. However, it took ma y failed relationships to find him so I had to learn how to heal from that toxicity. I have had some difficult times in my life. Everything from family issues to explaining why I am bisexual to dealing with mental health issues. I have learned however to not let certain things bother me. One personal experience I share with individuals is I have generalized anxiety disorder. It's classified as severe, however I still do the things I want to do and I have learned to not let my disability control me but I control it. I am big fan of mental health and health issues surrounding certain stigmas of things. I'm very easy to communicate with and very open minded. Everyone needs a safe person they can speak with.


I started tarot reading about a year ago. I have done readings for family and friends however one in particular sticks to my memory. My sister. My sister has overcome a lot in her life and I gave her a clarity spread. She felt stuck in a current situation and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I consulted my cards with her and this is where I found out that my cards and myself hold a special bond. I could feel her energy within the cards and they told me how to heal herself first and then she would find her answers. When I shared this with her it was like seeing a lightbulb go off. Things clicked with her. Ever since that day I have found my readings, especially the clarity ones, to be the most accurate because I can feel the other person's energy before the cards ever say anything.


Tarot is something I hold near and dear but dreams are my main focus. I have found many situations occurring in my dreams that affect my waking life. For me dreams have always been my psychic ability. I have always been able to see symbols or even people in them and they always represent something happening or that will happen. I usually consult my tarot or astrology when I have a confusing dream and my cards or astrology tend to clear up the confusion.

Services & Fees

As of right now I currently charge depending on the spread. Since the clarity spread rarely disappoints I charge $10 for those. However, most of the time I offer a free three card spread so you can see my abilities.

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