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Are you looking for a down to earth, no BS, insightful tarot or astrology reading? Then you have come to the right place. I am here to help you gain the insight that you need for your current situation so you can end up with the most desirable outcome.

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Nationality 🇨🇦 Canada
Languages English
Experience 18 Years

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I am a married Canadian mom to 2 teenagers and a dog, one of the kids has a dual diagnosis of autism and ADHD and is thriving in his residential school. I help other moms that are in the situation I used to be in to speak up and advocate for themselves and their kids. I had to use my intuition to help my son, and now that he is in a 24/7 therapeutic environment, he has a bright future that he would not have had otherwise.

Aside from that, I have always been intuitive but it was not until 14 years ago I did something with it so I help others figure out how to handle current challenges and obstacles by giving intuitive advice. I am also a freelance writer and author. I write in a variety of niches and have written for many publications. I do a lot of writing for clients in the parenting niche especially.

More about me. I am INFJ, Enneagram 4w5, with a Leo sun, Sagittarius rising, and Taurus moon.


I have always had initutive gifts and have been drawn to the tarot and astrology, ever since I was a teenager. However, after doing years of studying in both, I did become a certified astrologer in 2006. I have been doing readings on and off since. However, I did fall away from it for some time due to personal struggles that I have finally gotten a handle on.


The way I work is that I do astrology readings by drawing up a natal chart and can intuitively see the gifts, challenges, and personality and can also visualize the energies the querent is facing when I do transit readings as well. Only Western Astrology.

I have also done many past life readings that I could see through a natal chart, and I have my own way of doing tarot as I use tarot to look into probable outcomes based on the path that the querent is on, or wants to know about if he or she were to take a path.

I can do tarot readings in any life issue except for health and pregnancy.


Astrology Certified in 2006 by Samuel F. Reynolds.

Services & Fees

Prices vary depending on the type of reading that the client wants. Normally a standard astrological reading which includes the natal chart and 6-month transit reading is $120. A half an hour tarot reading is $50, and a full hour is $100. I do readings by phone, by email, or locally I can do face to face readings.

Coffee shop

City: Thornhill
State/Region: Ontario
Zip/Postcode: L4J9H6
Country: Canada 🇨🇦
I will make arrangements for anyone who lives locally to do a reading in a coffee shop.

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