I am a third generation reader. The women in my family have used their skills in mediumship and reading to help others on their paths. I have been reading for others for over five years, and I offer a wide range of spreads and different services to help provide guidance and answers.

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Age 29
Experience 9 Years

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Ever since I was young I have felt a pull from the veil of this world to the next. Growing up with a single mother who was open and loving, and encouraged my abilities, my abilities have been nurtured my whole life. I soon discovered a long history in my family of clairvoyants, witches, mediums, and more. I am practicing green witch, often referred to as a druid--I pull my power for reading from the spiritual presence within nature and the energy of this world. I've experienced heart ache and joy, poverty, improvement, abuse, and new beginnings in my life. All of these experiences have led me to be able to provide well rounded readings to all people.


I began like most do--giving readings to family and friends. For a long time, I was afraid to read for others. I was worried that they would think I was that "Crazy" lady, jingling her crystals as she dealt the cards. However I found that almost everyone has an interest in tarot and psychic readings! Discovering this really let me grow, and I've done more and more reading in the recent years. I hope to continue to increase my skills--learning is ongoing for me!


I have practiced with many different forms of reading. My favorite by far is using tarot or oracle cards, as I feel it gives a well rounded reading and allows me to use my natural intuition to "feel" for future events. I have also begun to recently practice palmistry, ruin throws, crystal reading, and even tea leaves. I find that ruins and tea leaves provide the best responses for those seeking "hard" answers. Those who seek counsel and advice are better served with card readings, tea, crystals, or palm readings.

Services & Fees

For a limited time I am offering completely FREE readings! I want to ensure that I am known in the community for my accuracy and skill, and I feel the best way to give people a good idea of my abilities is to provide free services right now. In the future, I will be charging.


State/Region: FL
Zip/Postcode: 34668
Country: United States 🇺🇸

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