I can offer tarot, oracle, runes and pendulum readings. I also work with sigils (positive and protective ones) and with crystals so I can give advice on that too.

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Nationality 🇪🇺 European Union
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Experience 3 Years

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I believe in free will and that all people should believe in what they want or feel as real. You can say I am pagan/wicca oriented but I also follow budistic "middle path"


I always wanted to be someone who is helping people-giving them advice, listening to them and healing them. One day I had a dream about nordic people and their music and that kind of music motivate me to do my first runes. Just like that. I considered that a sign for starting my path with divination. Before that I didn't have idea how to start anything, even I was really into spirituality. I didn't have confidence and I think about myself as someone without gift. After runes I started learning tarot and oracles and working with sigils. I also use crystals when working and pendulum.


I am working with runes, tarot, oracles, pendulum and sigil magic at the moment. I use my intuition when working and ask my guides for help when needed. I also use crystals as energy boosters and for everything else.

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