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I'm a metaphysical advisor and empath. I use the timing of the universe through astrology, numerology, tarot and oracle cards to detect the "cosmic weather". Once we understand the energy around you, we can figure out the proper answers and timing to your problems.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 45
Experience 19 Years

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I'm a Pisces and an empath, so my entire life has been about experiencing the unknown. I'm a published author of 5 fictional books about the paranormal. Spiritually, I believe in the ancient Yoruba Orisha. I've read cards privately for around 15 years. The time has come to reach out to more people and help get them to their higher vibration.


I've always known astrology as a teen. I started out in my 20's reading playing cards or cartomancy. It was something pretty easy to catch on to. I grew up in the Christian church so this was frown upon. I evolved and learned tarot in my 30s but kept it to myself and close friends. I wanted to help people and made myself available for free. As my spiritual life evolved, my guides began teaching me new things and bringing more like-minded people into my life. My ancestor guides taught me new techniques and later, I would find they were actual rituals. Learning numerology helped tremendously to know timing and tarot is a great tool added with my present intuitive insight. I'm different because I always analyze the fixed energy before adding my intuitive feelings. This creates a good balance of ying-yang. Now in my 40s I feel a strong pull to be "out" about my spiritual gifts.


All these methods I use personally and work in my daily life or predicting
1. I check your astrological birth chart (moon phases, etc)
2. I check the numerological phases and personal numbers
3 I do tarot along with oracle card clarifiers

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$30 /30 minutes Skype

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