An intuitive reading is an exchange of energy between the two of us, where by reading your energy I am able to give you the answers to the questions you are seeking. Using Oracle and Tarot cards, I am guided by my intuition and empathy, as well as by my abilities as an energy reader.

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Nationality 🇧🇷 Brazil
Languages English, Português
Experience 4 Years

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Relationship (Current)
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Future Romance
LGBT Issues
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Hi there. My name is Dilon and I am a psychic medium with more than two years of experience. I have helped thousands of people find their purpose and their path in life. I have always felt an affinity with Tarot and Oracle readings, as I believe energy says a lot about our lives and what's in the store for us according this [removed] am here to help you empower you with insight and clarity and I will never suggest you do anything that will harm yourself or anyone else. My readings are direct, honest, and to the point. I assure you that with each reading you will have my complete confidentiality. I am non-judgmental and I want you to feel comfortable to ask anything you want to ask. Believe me when I say I have heard it all.


I have started reading Tarot or Oracle cards to friends and family as a way of helping and guiding them. I have always been considered an empathetic and non judgmental person, and people often tell me they feel compelled to trust me and appreciate how I'm able to put myself in their shoes in order to give them the best advice I can. It's been over two years since I started in this path and I feel like helping others is the path I was destined for.


I use "The Starseed Oracle Deck" by Rebecca Campbell or "Heaven & Earth Tarot Deck" by Jack Sephiroth, according to your preference.

What I Need From You:
- Your Date of Birth.
- PLEASE MESSAGE ME A PHOTO OF YOURSELF AND ANY PERSON INCLUDED IN THE READING. Photos help me read energy and make your experience better.
- Your Specific Question/s. Please include a bit of background for me. Knowing your situation is helpful.

Services & Fees


1 to 3 questions: $30 (choose which deck you want to be used for your reading) or $40 (both decks used in your reading)

4 to 6 questions $50 (choose which deck you want to be used for your reading) or $60 (both decks used in your reading)

Full reading (10 questions): $80 (choose which deck you want to be used for your reading) or $90 (both decks used in your reading)

Email readings only. Delivery within the timescale of 24 hrs to 72 hrs, depending on how many questions you need the answer for.

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