I am a lifelong intuitive, using tarot and oracle cards as well as qi readings, dreamwork, and natural tools to assist my clients through life experiences. My specialty is in uncovering and healing the roots of inner child wounds, past life and ancestral karma, and healing after abuse and trauma.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 36
Experience 7 Years

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I have used spirituality and spiritual tools to heal from my own traumatic experiences and karmic lessons. I am a trained postpartum doula, specializing in helping mothers who have experienced birth trauma and other traumatic life experiences that deeply impact their emotional well-being. As a mother of two, I find it imperative to be in the best spiritual shape to ensure they are also spiritually healthy and aligned. I am a student of all world religions, and have vast experience in uncovering past life and ancestral karma that impact my clients. Dream interpretation was one of the first forms of spirit work I learned as a teenager. I pull from all of my experience and knowledge as well as intuitive insights when providing readings and healings for my clients, especially plants and herbs. I find that earth's natural medicine does so much for us physically and spiritually that it must be used as a daily tool that is never taken for granted.


I started reading professionally in 2018 but I have been reading for others since 2016. I began my work with plants and herbs in 2011 during my first pregnancy. I had a tarot reading page that I disabled because I wanted to grow my practice and be more in-depth. One thing I realized is that many readers will open the client up to so much emotionally and just leave them there after one reading with so many open emotional wounds that take more than one reading to navigate and heal from. I did not want to continue a practice in that way. I am building my new page and site to offer more in-depth and prolonged services to those who need my services.


I use a combination of natural intuitive gifts and tools, such as tarot, oracle, astrology, numerology, crystals, plants, and qi and chakra readings.

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