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Hello Dear, I am a professional Tarot Reader since 3 years in practise, my gift is something I have since I was very young. I'm blessed with the ability to see events and sense them which will help you make correct choice for you life. I am here to guide you for the highest empowerment of your soul

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Nationality 🇮🇳 India
Languages English, हिन्दी
Experience 6 Years

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I am currently living in UAE working with a developer company also following my passion and my life purpose as a Tarot Reader and growing in this field being better each day gaining more knowledge and sharing experience and guiding people in their soul journey. I love music and cooking I love experimenting with new dishes and create my own recipe. I spends hours with my crystals and channelling them with intensions on new tasks I bring to myself on self love and abundance.


I was very much interested in tarot since I was in my 8th grade, I did seem to know upcoming happenings which included both fortunate and unfortunate events way before it happened in reality, at first I thought this is just [removed] but with time and similar experiences I was aware this is normal. I was always very much attracted to Tarot cards and healing crystals, I bought my first tarot card deck in 2012 but I did not use them as I was not sure if I wanted to do it, 5years later I was with my friend in a cafe and my friend had spoken a lot about the accuracy of the readings the Tarot Reader in the cafe delivered. I was excited to get a reading but I did not have any questions on my mind so I asked for general guidance and that reading changed my life I was amazed after that [removed] as it said things about myself which I never took seriously since I was in school, it helped me understand my experiences are not just a coincidence as I assumed but they are the signs from the universe to take a step forward and start my spiritual journey, the reading even said that I was supposed to start way before but I never paid any attention to it. I started to believe myself and my intuitions after that I started channelling my spiritual gifts on regular basis and learnt Tarot and working with crystals. I now believe "A person himself can create their future, with the right belief and trust in self with positive intentions and actions in process".


I believe Spirituality and Psychology goes hand in hand similarly tarot reveals the exact psychology of a person or reason of the situation created and gives the spiritual outcome for the betterment of the soul. I use my Tarot cards to tap on my intuitions and guide my client in their journey, I recommend crystals too for self help for my clients and to help them get healed from within.
I am helping people using my visual and intuitive skills. I have experience in helping people of various ethnic backgrounds and many walks of life. I belive in spot on readings and to the point answers during the reading as that helps my client in clear understanding of their concerns and I provide further assistance with easy remedies to follow as well.


City: Dubai
State/Region: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

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