Aloha, for years I have used cards to help guide me through my life journey. Eventually, I began reading for close friends which led to reading for their friends. Most recently I joined a forum and began giving readings online. I love it so much and it feels so rewarding to offer guidance to others.

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Experience 13 Years

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I was brought up with southern manners and kindness. I enjoy simple things like reading books and playing monopoly deal with my boyfriend while our 16-year-old dog walks nonchalantly across the cards. I have four adult siblings and I am the auntie of 10 niece and nephews. Both of my beloved parents are alive. Even on my worst day I know I am blessed to the maxed. I do readings for one reason -- because I absolutely love it.


I've fine tuned my reading by always asking for feedback and follow ups. The great thing about reading for friends is the ability to look back on a past reading and see it come to fruition. Sometimes I do a reading and I see what it is saying and I convey the message but I do not always KNOW what it means. Then a month, maybe even a year later we finally understand, oh that's what the cards meant! I accept that I am just the messenger.


Before I pick a technique I need to hear the question. I then take a moment to think and wait for the answer to call out.

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