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I am am an intuitive, empath, and clairsentient. I will not give you the cookie cutter generalized answers that could apply to anyone. I will give you insight on your spacific situation. I believe every one deserves a better outlook on life.

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Experience 3 Years

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Ok I have lots of life experience. My family was poor and my father was abusive. I was married, and cheated on, so I left him. I Have been a single mother of three, for the most part. I was in a domestic abuse situation, which triggered my abilities. I started having random ideas and saying random things I didn't even know I was going to say it was like I was learning from myself. I have been homeless living under a tarp in the dead of winter in the woods. I have experience with children's protective services. I have meet people from all kinds of walks of life, including my current partner. He is my best friend and twin flame, he has helped me to realize all of the things I've been through have been growing me to help others in similar situations. How do you know untill you KNOW? You have to go through it to help someone else, other wise you don't know what your talking about. I know I was meant to help people and I really do care about this subject. Its my mission for the greater good of all.


Well I guess I don't really have any official experience, however I clearly have life experience . Also my whole life I've had people come up to me and just start giving me their life story and get to the end of it and ask, " oh why am I even telling you this?" But I would listen anyway and tell them what ever it was for each person and help them look at things differently. And they would all say "wow I never looked at it that way" then they would thank me and tell me they felt so much better about the whole thing, I even had one person say that talking to me was like taking an anxiety pill. I'm guessing that's compliment. I know this is my calling , I just have to be giving a chance to share my abilities and I can do amazing things.


I have been learning tarot for over 2 years now. I say learning because there's always more, I don't think there's a limit to the knowledge tarot provides. So I do a little bit of that and I also just really connect bto your energy and I have intuitive feelings come up, things I have no way of knowing, my guides are talking through me or just sending the feeling of what's going on. I think they can send more information this way.


I really don't have any. I'm new to this and just starting to build my credibility.

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For the moment being I'd like to offer free readings to get my experience level up. I do however want to do this for a living and one my credibility is up I'll have to charge so that I can pay my bills and dedicate more time to readings, and not have to have another job to support myself.



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