I am a reader with a deep appreciation for & desire to inspire embracing & honoring divine truth. My perspective is that we all have the ability to tap into what is divinely right & true for us. My intention is to guide you to that sensitive yet powerful place & lovingly support your journey.

Marisa (mimibettina) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇮🇹 Italy
Languages English, Italiano
Experience 16 Years

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As a child, I was extremely sensitive both psychically & emotionally. Having gone through a turbulent & traumatizing childhood, I had to learn how to grow up fast. Although I was raised Roman Catholic, I was introduced to the world of metaphysics at just 11 years old. This combination of beliefs is what I attribute to my success in becoming the thriving, heroic, loving woman I am today. I have been studying tarot & working with different spiritual masters from various backgrounds since then as I feel spirituality is as fundamental to a human lifestyle as health & hygiene.

I moved to Sicily, the land of my ancestral heritage, in 2018. It was there that I began having intense channeled experiences of catholic deities which led me to begin my own research of the catholic idols such as Jesus, the Madonna, the saints & so forth. I began to apply & connect, with the assistance of my channelled experiences, Catholicism with what I’d learned about other religions, spirituality & metaphysics in general. The result has been an unearthing of the mysticism of Catholicism, more as a spirituality than a doctrine. That being said, that is one of the philosophies I’m most drawn to & connect with at present, with catholic deities usually being those that assist me & come through in my channeling & readings.


When a reader who is just 27 years old tells you they’ve been reading tarot for 16 years, its understandable that there’d be immediate speculation & probably an almost quicker inclination to write them off. That being said, I am completely confident in the gifts that God has given me as I have been personally changed for the best while adhering to the guidance I receive. I have studied tarot & been reading for others since I was 11 years old. I was fortunate enough to have a very dedicated & wise master (one of many) that took me under their wing despite my age. I have studied the tarot from multiple approaches, worked with dozens of different decks & given readings to people of all ages, receiving only positive feedback. I don’t accredit any of this to my own wisdom or knowledge, though, as I believe whole heartedly that everything I channel is a message from God; I am just the messenger.


My approach to giving readings is very simple: I listen. I trust that the messages that come through are what my clients need to hear, exactly as they need to hear it. I also trust that God will deliver these messages with the highest, most pure divine love. My go-to tarot deck is the Medieval Scapini Tarot that my mother gifted me when I turned 11, although I do like to alternate my decks when working with clients based on guidance I receive. As far as different spreads or reading outlines, it depends on the person I am reading for so I like to let my intuition guide me to what feels best for each unique individual.

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