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Each session that I create, Tarot or Energy Work, is Divinely created and guided. I am a channel. I do not pick the tools. Spirit does. Spirit, not only brings forth the messages, but also, the way those messages should come through, the Divine Time of delivery & the whole structure of our session.

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Nationality 🇬🇷 Greece
Languages English, ελληνικά
Age 25
Experience 5 Years

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I was born and raised in a tiny Greek village, in a place and era where people did not have many sensitivities. My existence shook up the reality of my family, as I grew up in a classic patriachcal household, with a father who was a hunter. And I, on the other hand, was a very sensitive child that was easily traumatized, even by the death of a small animal. I was the sensitive one, the ''special'' one, the weird one, the ostracized one. The classic story of the misfit no one was able to connect to and understand.

I am a homosexual and I believe that my birth was meant to change the course of my family line and heal all our ancestral trauma. Masculinity run the show of my family for so long, it became toxic, and my birth was meant to change that and bring some sensitivity into our lives, thus healing. I am one of those souls that came down to this earth as a sensitive human, to bring healing and peace to the planet. But that realization had to come from many years of suffering, because of my limited knowledge and perception of the universe at that time.

I have overcome extreme social anxiety, sexual trauma, all kinds of wounds most common to all of us like, abandonment issues, fear of intimacy, codependency and many more, and have gotten to know endless Shadow aspects of mine and eventually heal them. I am a former graphic designer and I now understand, this life path was meant to teach me lessons, that turned out to be very useful, in my current career as a spiritual teacher.

With my empathic gifts that may have led to, me being ostracized my whole life, I can now help people heal their wounds and trauma to the core. But that's something I had to learn through over 20 years of being alone, traumatized and confused. My trauma led me to my spiritual awakening, which led me to my gifts and life purpose. Which I now use and will continue to do so, for the benefit of our Collective Consciousness.


When I first started using my psychic abilities professionally, I was still a graphic designer, struggling with a 9 to 5 job. I didn't even have a computer at that time, so I took advantage of my work environment and started working long hours, to build my website there, so I could finally quit and do what I love. And that's exactly what I did. I built my first website and business in secret, under the pressure of my ''normal'' job.

In the meantime, I learnt the art of tarot and like most of us, started doing readings for friends and family. Then word of mouth made it so, I attracted some clients that I used to work with, in person. I offered a lot of free tarot readings, so people get to know and trust me through that process. But also, for me to gain experience through it. And I gained a lot of confidence through the feedback I was getting from friends and clients, that always told me how much my readings resonate. So, I made it a business.

When my website was ready and I was confident enough of myself and my abilities. I finally quit my job and dedicated all my time and effort in my online business. I have now attracted many recurring and loyal clients through my Youtube channel, through which I share energy work video sessions, as well as general tarot readings and my very frequent visions and intuitive messages.


''When you have empathic and intuitive abilities, as well as being able to read and work with energy, the possibilities are quite literally endless!''

I am an intuitive and the methods I like to use for divination are tarot and channeling. I can channel messages for my clients without the use of tarot cards, but the cards are a tool that I love working with and extremely enjoy using!

I am a channel. Which means that when I work with a client, I frequently share messages to them without even realizing, by any means, even before we start our reading.

Sometimes during the day that I work for a client, before or even after our session, I get visions that I'm inclined to share with them, that I know will resonate.

If I get a vision before our session, I will share it during the session. If I get a vision after our session, I will simply email them that vision afterwards, so they can gain more insight. And the feedback I get from my clients are always 100% spot on.

My priority as a teacher/healer is to provide exactly what it is my clients need to hear, in order to gain the most benefit. If I feel called to share something with them at random times or random days, I will do so. My clients get surprise emails from me frequently, about visions and insights I am being called to share with them.

I also work with energy and I have developed many techinques to work with and transmute it. I do Light Language and Reiki healing. I excel at Shadow Work and working with aspects of our psyche, that need to communicate something to us. I might do book divination, aura cleansings and so on.

When you have empathic and intuitive abilities, as well as being able to read and work with energy, the possibilities are literally endless! And I am a student as well as a teacher, that is constantly learning and evolving to new paths, new techniques, ways and means, all with the intention of expanding my psychic gifts but also sharing them, for the benefit of the Collective.

Services & Fees

In my website, you will find a list of services for tarot readings and energy work sessions.

Book a Tarot Reading: 65$
Monthly Tarot Reading Membership for 9$ per month.

As well as, a range of channeled energy work sessions from 35$ and up to 67$.


I very frequently give away disount codes for all my services, to all my existing clients, but also to the people subscribed to my email list, YouTube subscribers and Patreon members.

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