Hi, I am the Owner and Founder of Merlots & Tarot. I help seeking individuals receive guidance and advice from Spirit. I am able to relay these messages through Tarot and Oracle cards and can help with relationships, family issues, self development and career advice.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Experience 6 Years

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Relationship (Current)
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Future Romance
Spiritual Guidance
Astrology Forecasting
Job & Career
Family Issues
Friend Issues
Life Guidance
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I began reading tarot after suffering a long and tough divorce. However, this event triggered my Spiritual Awakening and life now makes sense after studying tarot, numerology and astrology. It is now my life mission to help others understand their hardships as well, and the reasons and meanings behind them.


I am known in the Spiritual World as a Clairsentient. I have had this gift my entire life but until I found my spiritually, I always chalked it up to "gut feelings" and "lucky guesses." However, since accepting my gift as that, a gift, I have evolved into using my intuition and visions to read an individual's tarot cards and tapping into the feelings that each card gives me so I can relay accurate information to the receiver.


I strictly use tarot cards to relay messages as I am a Clairsentient that uses my ability to feel what messages are trying to be relayed through the cards. Within my card readings, I will also refer to astrology and numerology to pass along messages of time frames, etc.

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