Hello and welcome. My name's Marion. I'm a French-born Artist and Intuitive Empath, a Tarot Reader, a Certified Energy Healer and a Light Language Channel. I call myself a Cosmic Witch because my head is in the stars and my feet are firmly rooted into the Earth.

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Nationality 🇫🇷 France
Languages English, Françias
Experience 9 Years

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Ever since I came into consciousness I've wanted to reach out and help others along their path. My awakening was sudden, triggered by a traumatic event that saw me in excruciating pain and propelled me out of my mind-trap. Little did I know it was only the beginning of an infinite cycle of rebirths, each one as painful as the next, in all the gorgeousness that a soul can hold when it suffers.


I've come a long way and if I'm able to help others now, it's because I've done a tremendous amount of work on myself. The journey to my spiritual awakening was long and painful. After I awakened I got to know another kind of pain. The kind that moves you like the tide on a full moon. The kind that breaks you to build you anew. I found purpose. I took note of every shift within myself and learned to navigate energetic shifts on a planetary scale. I learned to channel Spirit and the Earth itself. I finally tuned into my gifts and I love watching them grow each time I connect with a new client. I always say I'm not for everyone because I like to dig deep into the core of any issue which brings us to explore trauma and the shadow self. But I firmly believe it is necessary for healing to take place. Keep reading if this resonates with you.


Whether I perform a tarot reading or a distant Reiki treatment, I have the same approach.
One thing I teach, is that there's no escaping pain -- but you can learn to live with it. You can make it your ally, your best friend. No one knows you like your pain does. No one wants to protect you, keep you safe, more than the parts of you that have endured the worst. Those wounds you keep picking at, again and again. The same ones you let others pick at, again and again.

I advocate for self-accountability. Expect from me no less than the truth. I will not sugar-coat things for you, but I will always be kind and compassionate.

Time is of the essence, we are being called to step up and out of self-deprecating patterns. I can help you do that, because I've done it for myself. I only teach what I've learned from first-hand experience. I will always strive to give you something that you can work with, rooted in the reality of who you are at your core.

​I am offering healing modalities and tools to tune into your deepest truth, no matter how ugly or raw. Trust me, your strength, your beauty rest in the darkest corners of your being and if you'd just shine a light at them, and take them as a part of you, things would fall into the right place. The key to a happy life is authenticity. I can help you figure out who you truly are under the many masks you've put on just to survive in the world. Together we can heal and bring your soul forward to be the beacon of light it was meant to be.

My spiritual practice, anchored in extra-dimensional knowledge and with connections to ancient wisdom, adds a whole new meaning to cosmic witchcraft. Assisted by my spirit guides, and with the input of your own guides and higher self, let's tune into your personal truth to shed light onto your current situation and offer you the insight or the comfort that you need.

I am also a certified Reiki Master. I learned traditional Usui Reiki but as I practiced on myself and on my clients I developed a process all my own. I use a pendulum to perform an energetic diagnosis. I use sacred symbols and light codes that weren't taught in my class, but were gifted to me by my spirit guides whom I trust entirely. I often chant or dance or speak in light language as I perform the treatment. Sometimes I choose a crystal for you. I am guided by your soul and by the light of Spirit traveling through me and you.


I am a certified Reiki Master.

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