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Hi! I'm Marie Seastar- and yes, I borrowed the name from George R. R. Martin. I'm intense and passionate. My preferences when it comes to study (other than various metaphysical disciplines) is history, cultures and psychology. Reading of all kinds is my passion and I'm constantly looking to improve.

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Nationality 🇨🇦 Canada
Languages English
Age 27
Experience 9 Years

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Okay, so, background. I'm a young single woman from backwoods Canada. I've spent three years at an Indigenous college. My grades may not have been stellar, but my understanding of people improved dramatically in my time there.


I've been actively practicing prayer, tarot, oracle and runes (and rune magic) for the past four years. My practice has only deepened in the last year. While in college, I took several criminology and psychology courses, which helped me understand the patterns I'd sensed while people watching since I was a young child.


I usually ask for the person in question to bluntly state what they need to work with. If they're unsure or nervous, I'll either ask if what my intuition says is true or do a quick tarot read to see if I can find the problem. I like a simple, direct, patient-oriented approach but prefer to work around a client's needs. Oracle cards, runes and probably cartomancy don't enter the equation until I have some idea what I'm dealing with.

Services & Fees

All serious consultations (such as with the intent to enter a client-consultant relationship) have a free assessment chat. Any later sessions can be purchased for $10 CAD per session, although bulk payments may be made. Anyone who purchases the $30 a month Patreon package has my time as often as needed.

For a one-time session, you may purchase an hour's worth of reading (you can ask a list of questions or request the same question be read multiple ways) for $25 CAD

The manner of payment: is an option, though the name may change (probably to SeastarSpirit or something similar). Patreon link is available upon request.


Although I've given you options, I'll give you one more. If you're serious about eventually purchasing full readings but cannot afford it now, your honesty will get you a free three card tarot reading and a one card oracle reading.

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