I have over five years of experience in guiding people from all walks of life. I am thorough, effective, and honest. I specialize in love and relationships and career and purpose. I am willing to answer on difficult topics where other readers won’t.

Malorie (maphoenix) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 31
Experience 8 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
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Astrology Forecasting
Money & Wealth
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I have been married for ten years and have three children.

I was brought up in an extremist Christian home and have personal experience with real healing from abuse and trauma.

I identify as a Witch and a Pagan. I have acted as advisor and leader in my own Circle for over three years.

I believe in a combination of science and Magick when finding answers, help, and healing.


I have always been concerned with integrity, honesty, and quality in my services. Time has taught me how to really narrow down to the heart of the matter and get the most constructive work done with my clients.


I always start by asking for a quick explanation of the issue at hand. While the person is speaking to me I begin some light trance work so that I can really be with them in their moment and struggle.

In the space after they are done speaking I ask my guides for help, then begin shuffling and preparing the cards. I want to make sure I have left any of my own opinions out of the reading. This process cleanses my mind of my ideas and struggles and helps me attune to the client.

During the reading I am willing to reshuffle and redraw if we need to. I find that often times what the client really needs from me is not necessarily the first thing they say. When we have established some trust it is common that a deeper, more meaningful truth will come out that needs exploring.

I have even been known to create my own spread right in the spot if needed when the intuition strikes me to do so. I always stay flexible.

I am claircognizant. Because of this I am not always pulling information just from the cards. To me, the Tarot helps lend vocabulary and context. It also helps keep me on track with the subject.

I perform all readings in my private sacred space with all of my tools at hand.


I am largely self studied. I have performed easily over 1000 readings and have learned much along the way.

Services & Fees

Email / Chat Readings - Any Topic

$45 - 30 minutes
$95 - 60 minutes


If you refer a friend that purchases a reading from me your next reading is half price at equal length or less to your friend’s reading.

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