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I have been aware of my psychic abilities since I was a very young child. I was told I have strong insight & intuition before I knew what it meant. I have used my gifts my whole life. Recently, I discovered my passion & extremely natural & inept ability to accurately read Tarot.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
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Experience 29 Years

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I grew up in a small rural county in the Eastern [removed] with a modest lifestyle. I left home at 15 to pursue more. At 28, I am now married with children and live just outside of my hometown. My professional background is in business. I am currently completing my bachelor's degree in business administration.


Bibliomancy: I have practiced this since I could read at 4 years old, before I had any idea what this was. I continued practicing this throughout my entire life, still not quite realizing what it was and almost thinking I was just crazy for seeing the accurate connections between what I picked up on from books and the Bible and my actual experiences. I learned what this was a few months ago during research. I have not found many people who have asked me to help them in this way, but I would love to find more! Tarot & readings: I have counseled my friends and others since I was a teenager, but not from a psychic standpoint. However, I have always used my intuition to guide me in doing so. I began privately practicing the art of reading Tarot and using the cards as a tool to gain insight. Quickly, I found that people were very pleased with the way I was able to give them perspective, hope, and direction. I joined groups and started selling my services. I have now done over 500 free and paid readings with 5 Star reviews.


Tarot is my number one tool. I read whichever cards are chosen and relate them to the matter at hand. I first like to confirm the situation and the answer from the cards then I like to try to give advice on how the client can proceed to help achieve a desired outcome or best deal with the circumstances at hand. I also read anything else that may come from the cards. Oftentimes, I pick up on things that surprise both the client and myself. I also enjoy bibliomancy readings. My method there is of course simple: the client or myself would choose a passage and then I would relate that message to the client's situation in a comprehensible way.

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Readings- Unlimited time/questions.
$10 for initial reading "try before you buy"
$25 for subsequent readings
Packages start at $40 for 2+ readings. I have found that many people like to come back weekly, monthly, or more often. I am always willing to offer discounts and lower prices to repeat clients.

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