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Hi, I'm Luna Rose. I specialize in spirit communication, animal communication, dream interpretation, and giving guidance using my abilities along with my tarot cards.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 25
Experience 7 Years

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LGBT Issues
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I am Luna Rose!
I am a lesbian, a Psychic Medium, and a witch from the Midwest of the United States. My mother was a single parent and had to move us around a lot. I grew up Christian but am now a Pagan. I have always really had these abilities, and they have grown as I have you could say. I would often be visited by spirits when I was a little girl, my imaginary best friend was a ghost after all! I have had prophetic dreams for just as long. When I reached college, I decided to do some exploration into this side of me that was semi-dormant. That is when I discovered that there was a lot more there than I had realized. I met a lot of really cool people on that journey and a lot of not so great people. From that journey, I have grown into the psychic I am today!


For the last five years, I have been doing readings and forecastings for people for tips only and on a basis of me not having enough experience. I feel that I now have enough experience to start doing this for people who are coming to me as a professional, not as a student. In 2016, I started by doing an intuitive forecast for my then best friend. In late 2016 I had bought my first deck of tarot cards. Now I can do intuitive forecasts, spirit sessions, tarot readings, and more.


With tarot, it is a mix of the meaning of the card and my intuition on what the card means at that moment and in that present situation. Dream interpretation is intuitive, plus the symbology in the dream itself. Aura visualization, the colors of your aura, how do they feel, how bright they are, how crisp they are. With touch, I feel your energy and I will get visions from it as well as maybe smells or words or phrases. With mediumship, it is majorly my listening to what the spirits say, sometimes it is automatic writing. I will also use automatic writing if I am looking for a particular answer and the object is not there for me to get energy off of. With animals, I ask a question or say something and I may or may not get a clairaudient response. It depends on whether or not the animal is willing to speak with me.

Services & Fees

$5 for a simple spread, plus $1 per clarifier.
$10 for a medium complex spread plus $1 per clarifier.
$15 dollars for a complex spread plus $1 per clarifier.

$50 for 1/2 hour session or $100 for an hour. $2 for every minute over.

Dream Interpretation:
$10-20 per dream

Aura Visualization:
$20 for a 1/2 hour session. $2 dollars per minute over.

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