A lover of peace, harmony, old fashioned spiritualism and mediumship, unashamedly addicted to love, ask me about my romance readings!

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I live with my boyfriend of five years in the middle of nowhere, belgium, with our three cats and many cute fluffy things. Things haven't always been rosy for me; I was raised in what would lightly be called a 'charismatic' church and I had to live with my mother always choosing them and their teachings over me. It all came to a head when I was sixteen and my mother gave me the boot, and at first I stayed on a drug dealers couch but then I ended up sleeping on the streets for the first time when that went south. I have spent two very cold winters on the streets of London but you can't really tell that story at a party, even if it's your party.

Now I would describe myself as an old fashioned spiritualist, although my aunt raised me in the asatru faith for a time when I went to stay with her and my mothers' grip loosened. I believe in 'something' I just don't want to label it or put it into a box or try too hard to define it because I think its something too powerful to be put into mere words.


I got my first deck when I was ten, maybe eleven, and it was awesome but I didn't really take it seriously at all. Then a friend committed suicide and suddenly I was turning to cards for anwers like there was no hope without them, because I had always believed in their power even when the boxes were gathering dust in my drawers. Maybe if I hadn't been under so much pressure to hide them things would have been different, who knows? We shouldn't keep difficult subjects from our children but give them answers they can digest, remembering that issues are often black and white for children. We shouldn't strike fear into their hearts in the name of superstition or evil, for this would be damaging for our children, and might just break their hearts.

When I landed on the streets for the third time in as many years, I took the cards with me because there's one thing nobody tells you about homelessness: it's boring. There's nothing to do but sit and wait out your friends' withdrawal or wait for the soup kitchen to open or wait for the soup van to arrive or wait for the clubs to let out so you can sell the big [removed] there's so much waiting on the streets, you wouldn't believe it. So, armed with my cards I took to all my old haunts and a couple of new ones and started laying cards down.

It wasn't long before somebody was interested, no matter how many times a day I did it. I went from reading for myself once every couple days if I was lucky to five or six times a day in exchange for whatever I needed, from toothpaste to playing cards. I learned real fast in those circumstances!

Now I'm living a stable, nine to five life in Belgium and I offer face to face appointments based in Brussels, skype readings, recorded readings, spirittual guidance, musical readings, tarot readings, etc (check my price list for more info)

I may be young, but I am experienced!


I channel my spirit guides with a combination of music pre chosen by the client, and tarot cards.

Services & Fees

3 card email reading- 5 euro
5 card email reading- 7 euro
15 minute skype call- 15 euro
30 minute skype call- 25 euro
30 minutes face to face- 35 euro
60 minutes face to face- 55 euro


City: Brussels
State/Region: Brussels
Country: Belgium 🇧🇪
Mon-Fri, 9:00- 4:00

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