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I am Roma Gypsy. I have been reading cards of all kinds as well as doing other forms of divination for 16 years. This is a tradition that has been passed down for generations through the women in my family. I am an intuitive, integrative and holistic reader.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English, Español
Age 34
Experience 17 Years

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My name is Lulu! I am a married mother of 2 living in the Southern United States. I am a Romni woman, which means that I am a Roma Gypsy. My family comes from Eastern and Southern Europe. Reading cards and other forms of divination has been a tradition among the women in my family for generations and I am incredibly proud to be able to carry on this tradition. For many years I worked with clients in person, and at the insistence of some of these clients, I have decided to bring my work online and I look forward to helping you all gain insight to anything that life decides to throw your direction!


I was taught multiple forms of divination as a family tradition from a very young age. I read cards, tea leaves, coffee grounds, palms, biblical passages and other things. This is all I have done my whole life. When I was in my mid-20s I decided to become a certified holistic therapist with specifications in herbalism and aromatherapy. These skills have helped me tremendously with my readings. I am an intuitive, integrative and holistic reader and I like to think of myself as a therapist, haha!


I am incredibly intuitive. Psychic abilities, intuition and empathy are things that are considered to be passed down from woman to woman in my culture. I am lucky enough to come from a long line of women who have used cards, leaves, biblical passages and other things to help those who have come to them in times of need for centuries.

I use different methods of divination along with my intuition and skills as an empathy to help you gain insight and tackle anything and everything that life throws at you. I think of my clients as friends who start life-long relationships with me.

Services & Fees

I use a fixed rate depending upon the type of reading/spread.

Basic 3 Card Tarot Spread - $10.00

Standard 9 Card Roma Gypsy Tarot Spread - $15.00

Traditional Romanian Roma Gypsy Cerimatari Tell Card Reading - $20.00

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