My intention is to inform my clients that they possess the power to achieve their goals and gain insight into what the future may have in store for them, to access their own personal power to create their life as they desire and focus on solution based readings as well as predictions with timeframes

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 33
Experience 8 Years

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I consider myself an Atheist and I possess no particular religious beliefs or affiliations. I enjoy studying Parapsychology, Psychology, Religion, Philosophy, Meditation, Vampire Mythology and Folklore, Blood Science, Hematology, Neurobiology, Physics, Chaos Magick, Witchcraft and various Left Hand Path Religion/Philosophy. I enjoy watching nature documentaries, horror and scifi films, video games (sparingly), and lectures on the study of consciousness and it's ability to affect the material world and the cross cultural history of divination and fortune telling in the ancient world up to the 21st century.


I started my psychic adviser journey on Oranum, Spiritum, Psychic World and Bitwine services. These websites specialize in email, live chat and video readings in real time. I had no professional experience before providing my services through these platforms but I did have many years of practical experience giving the majority of my readings freely to friends, family and strangers in person, by phone or via email to sharpen my skills and prepare me for my eventual work in the professional field of divination and fortune telling. Experience really has been my best teacher and no amount of theory or book learning can substitute although they can be useful and informative aids to learning. My experience in this field has given me insight into the main concerns and questions that most people ask no matter what their culture, socio-economic background or personal beliefs/religious inclinations. Through my experience I am more aware of the realities and difficulties my clients face and the information and guidance they are seeking through a tarot or psychic reading and I am able to communicate the information I receive much more clearly and effectively. I developed an increased ability for patience in helping my clients figure out what really concerns them and how to properly ask questions so that I can help them find answers and clarity. I conduct each reading session with a non judgmental attitude towards all my clients and make clear boundaries with them so our transactions remain strictly professional, I believe if the boundary is breached that it can begin to taint my accuracy and allow room for personal judgments which should have no place in a session at any time. I realize that most clients seek a reading during periods of transition, confusion and chaos and their feelings are important so I've learned to deliver the information in a clear yet blunt and honest manner but without judging or dragging a client down. I always try to end a reading on a positive note and remind them of their own power to improve their lives and assist in helping clients to navigate difficult times as positively and confidently as they can and help them to remain motivated and focused on self growth and self awareness.

Tool Based Experience: Tarot since 2002, Elder Futhark Runes since 2012, Playing Card Cartomancy since 2014, Witch's Runes since 2018.


My tools consist of Tarot, Playing Cards, Elder Futhark Runes and Witch's Runes. What makes my services unique from other readers is that I provide custom rituals/spells and talismanic sigils with ritual activation instructions to shift events and circumstances in their favor. This service is provided as an additional option with any divination I perform. I leave it up to the client to allow me to perform this particular service or provide detailed written instructions so that my clients can perform these energy manipulations themselves as well as assisting in troubleshooting any issues they may experience in their ability to manipulate energy and influence events to work in their favor.

Services & Fees

Video & Face to Face Readings: $3.50/Min
Email Readings: $8.00 *per question
Flat Rates: 5min/$15 10min/$25 20min/$35 30min/$45 40min/$55 60min/$75

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