Hi, I'm Levi. I specialize in intuitive divination using tarot cards, playing cards and runes. I take a look at the energies surrounding you in current time and provide answers, insight and solutions. All readings are geared towards self empowerment, self reliance and self improvement. No nonsense!

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
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Age 32
Experience 5 Years

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I have 4 years of professional experience working as a reader through Oranum, Spiritum, Bitwine, Keen, Etsy and psychic world website. Prior to my professional experience I have read cards for myself, friends, family and strangers since I was 15. I am 31 years old and never been married nor do I have any kids. In the past I have worked in the food service industry, data entry, landscaping and most recently as a psychic. I identify as gay and am friendly towards all races, paths and sexual orientations. I do not identify or affiliate with any religion or philosophy but remain open minded and rational.


I started my adviser journey on Oranum, Spiritum and Bitwine services four years ago. These websites specialize in email, live chat and video readings in real time. To be quite honest I had no professional experience before providing my services through these platforms but I did have practical experience giving the majority of my readings to friends, family and strangers in person or via email for a minimum of twelve years. It is my personal belief that I was unprepared for the realities of what this field requires of me as well as my clients but the best and only way for me to learn was to throw myself into the deep end of the pool. Experience really has been my best teacher and no amount of theory or book learning can substitute although they can be useful and informative aids to learning. My experience in this field has given me insight into the main concerns and questions that most people ask no matter what their culture or beliefs. Through my experience I am more aware of the realities and difficulties my clients face and the information and guidance they are seeking through a tarot or psychic reading and I am able to communicate the information I receive much more clearly and effectively due to these experiences. I have developed an increased ability for patience in helping my clients figure out what really concerns them and how to properly ask questions so that I can help them find answers and clarity. Presently I am much more confident in my reading ability as well as how to help clients navigate their lives and make informed choices for themselves based on a tarot/psychic reading. I've also developed a non judgemental attitude towards all my clients and make clear boundaries when a client becomes rude or disrespectful without escalating the situation or clients emotions. I have realized that most clients seek a reading during periods of transition and chaos and their feelings are important so I've learned to deliver information bluntly and honestly but without judging or dragging a client down. I always try to end a reading on a positive note and remind them of their own power to improve their lives and navigate difficult times as positively as they can and to help them remain motivated.


I specialize in divination using Tarot, Playing Card Cartomancy, and Elder Futhark Runes. I’m direct, straight to the point, and honest in what I see psychically using empathy, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience in combination with my tools. I will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear! I take a look at the energies surrounding you and your concerns and questions in current time and how events and circumstances are likely to play out based on the energy that surrounds you. My readings should be considered a diagnostic tool only. Through the use of my skills I try to help those who genuinely want to help themselves and use the insight provided in a reading to make informed positive choices geared towards personal improvement. I will not tell you what to do, you must take responsibility for your choices and actions. Be specific and focused with your questions and concerns before a session with me. My methods are quite difficult to explain honestly. I can go from using a tarot deck/playing cards/runes to using no tools at all (freehand). I don't use spreads that often and the majority of the sessions I have with clients consists of three rune/card pulls for the majority of their questions. There are also many times that I will spontaneously use a spread or layout depending on my intuitive hunches so each session can and will be unique to each circumstance as well as client. There are also occasions when I combine different divination systems in a session such as tarot and runes combined, runes and playing cards,etc. When using cards I do enjoy combining my knowledge of numerology with suits/colors/shapes/spreads but this system is a mixture of learned and personal creation that I've developed over a large amount of time. I go with my gut and the advice it provides me as to what tools to use if any and whether a layout or spread is necessary. I am proficient in a handful of layouts and spreads using runes and tarot but I prefer to be spontaneous, in the moment and of the moment for each of my clients and so far I've satisfied many customers with my unique style and abilities.

Services & Fees

Video & Face to Face Readings: $2.00/Min
Email Readings (one question): $35 *each additional question costs $5
Flat Rates: 5min/$13 10min/$25 20min/$35 30min/$45 40min/$55 60min/$75

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City: Bend
State/Region: OR
Zip/Postcode: 97701
Country: United States 🇺🇸
Mon-Fri 10am to 4:00PM

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