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My role in this time and life is helping and guide people, I have the ability to see in the future by my tarot cards.

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Nationality 🇨🇿 Czech Republic
Languages English
Experience 7 Years

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My name is Helena Balogova, and I'm 26 years old living in the Czech Republic.

I can't say if I believe in God in such a way as it is written in the bible, maybe it's a sin maybe God will punish me, but I believe that the universe is God and everything connected to the universe is God I believe in a mortal life and I also believe in the spiritual world.

And now a little more about me, I am a single mother I have a daughter whom I love the most on this earth, every mother knows what the love of her children is, so I don't have to explain :), sometimes it's better to wait until the right one comes in our lives, I didn't go through the rose garden I had my ups and downs, but one thing I've learned, never please someone to stay in your life, if they should be in our lives they will stay in.


Hey there, I created this site to connect with people seeking for unknow.
Friends call me Willma :P am in my early 20s and am from Czech Rep.
friends/family usually ask me ''how can I be so sure about my beliefs and faith''?, well I just feel it, my intuition is screaming out to my ears
It's all started with a Dream,
I mean a dream in which people sleeps, I was about 8ish yrs when I had this dream. 18 years ago and am still standing with a question mark? how could it be, I was just a kid with a dream where I saw our solar system and planet in a row and the sun in the middle me standing beyond all in the universe I saw it all, and from then my dreams become true, well of course not every day but once in a while. let get back to that question ? how could I have this dream?...., in my age and in that time there was no computers or android phones, kids back then in my generation didn't care about discovery channels we were playing outdoors. I didn't even know we had mars or Jupiter etc in our solar system which kids cared about that in the early 2000s? even now kids don't know much about it,so how could an 8 yrs kid see such a thing in a dream what he never seen? so since then I know am not just an ordinary person.
People in first impression knows am different then others they just feel it am like a magnet to them, they feel the spirit of a lightworker this is my job on this earth help people guide them and be a good listener
and via cards am helping others



my methods regarding interpretation are clear, I follow my intuition abbreviation it goes on its own, at that time at that moment.


I have no qualifications or any certifications, in my opinion, you don't need school for that I believe that we born with psychic abilities just most of the people don't believe they have them I think it just goes on its own.

Services & Fees

I'm here for you Guys, even if only as a friend am a good listener, :P but of course as a psychic reader too.
love reading for a question cost £5
future love reading £10


I'm offering friendships with my clients and also a free past reading to proof you of my psychic abilities and guidance.

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