Empathic, Intuitive, Tarot Reader & Reiki Master / Energy Healer. I have studied the Metaphysical and Esoteric my entire life, in 2016 I decided to make it my only path. Since, I have studied numerology, dream interpretation, spirit guide interpretation, mindfulness, meditation & negativity removal.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
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Experience 10 Years

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I am from Louisiana, I've lived all over the country, California, Las Vegas, Florida and now in Tennessee. I have 2 grown children and spent most of their lives finding myself through being a single mom working administrative jobs to support them. I've been married and single through it all I found what was most important to me and my family which was myself.


I started out only wanting to learn tarot reading. But tarot isn't just tarot reading, you have to know mindfulness and grounding and how to use your intuition. My dedication to read tarot became and urge to teach tarot and my kid's friends who wanted to learn. The next thing I knew I was teaching their friends meditation and I was having counseling sessions instead of tarot readings and finding their blocked chakras and guiding meditations.


I will ask the situation, listen intently, connect to the subject energetically. Usually a tarot reading is the best way to sort through a question and I'll pick a layout which will get to the correct question. I will shuffle in the question, lay out the cards, go over with the person, then back through and ask where they have questions and clarify with more cards. I will also ask my pendulum if we don't get clarification. I will pull Oracle cards that seem the most appropriate for the circumstances and see how they fit into the reading. Then I will go back over and read all of the astrology, the numerology, the symbolisms and anything else I can pick up on that will pull it together even more to find details. Close the reading, Disconnect from the energy.


Reiki Master Certified 2022
Energy Healer Certified 2022
Intuitive Tarot Reading

Services & Fees

#1 - $15 - 3 cards by text or email - send me a question, I will pull a past, present & future reading and send it right back to you.
#2 - $45 - 10 card Celtic Cross 30 - 45 mins Live online, Skype, Zoom or Messenger - I will connect with your question and we will get to the bottom of your situation with whatever cards necessary within 30 - 45 minute timeframe.
#3 - $55 - 1 hour - Live Online - Zoom, Skype or Messenger - I have a layout, it will get to the bottom of everything, it takes 2 Tarot decks but it takes a while, even energetic blocks.


$5.00 OFF - FIRST READING - any service (one time offer)

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1(678)876 7963

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