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If you are reading this then I take that as a sign that you are searching for guidance or answers that life is not yet providing. I sympathise that this can be an immense struggle. I specialise in tarot reading and interpretation and provide readings as detailed and intuitive as I am capable of.

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I am a woman, at age 18, that has come from nothing. I struggled through my early life, experiencing events and situations that have opened my eyes to the duality of the world for what it is; good and evil. I have learnt through this that life itself is not a simple path, with doorways and well lit streets, but a sea to navigate; a book to read.
I was raised a strong Christian and I was taught to never question my beliefs, but soon became unfulfilled, as what is a belief if it does not stand through questioning and doubt ? Over time and maturity, I developed my own way of envisioning life.
I had a troubled up bringing, and was the victim of continuous hardships and abuse. However, through these experiences forcing me to mature quickly, I found what many people search their whole lives for, an understanding of oneself, and an accompanying desire to learn from and about other people, and therefore aid them in the same way they aid me


My beginnings were more hidden than not, and I have no concrete knowledge of when I initially started spiritually counselling people. I have always been a person looked to for advice in troubling times, or times when people are unsure. As one of the most mature in my surroundings, I found myself giving council to people many years my senior. No age can be placed on wisdom.
I first read Tarot at age 14. I have provided guidance to people who were hospitalised, for both mental and physical afflictions, and tried to provide comfort for those who were lost in the care system, both adult, child and adolescent.
For 6 months I lived in a hospital, and helped provide support to others daily and nightly. I have experience of many issues that many are afraid to speak about or get help for, and am experienced in the sensitivity and kindness needed to promote their health.
For the two years previous to the present, I lived with many others in a shared house with both adult and young adult residents, and found many of my nights were spent in deep conversation and face to face reading. These combined differences in clients have sparked the evolution as to what I can provide today.


I primarily am gifted in intuition, and find tarot to be the best divination technique for me to provide accurate guidance. I will approach all subjects with an open mind and ears, and will tackle these subjects with sensitivity, kindness and direct answers. I intend to reply quickly and to a level that you feel is well detailed and helpful.


I am well educated and working towards further higher qualifications in Psychology.

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