I'm a small-town Canadian who picked up Tarot & Oracle Card Reading during the pandemic, and was amazed at how happy people were with my services! I love seeing what tarot cards can tell me about someone, and guiding others through uncertain situations!

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Nationality 🇨🇦 Canada
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I'm a young adult from a small farm town in Canada. While I am currently single and childless, I am the oldest of six children, and 3 of my siblings are still under 14. My parents have various physical and mental disabilities, so growing up and up to the present day, I've learned how to help for those with different needs and how to connect with people of different ages and backgrounds. I'm a huge empath as well, and have been since childhood. I don't just understand what someone is going through, I can tap in and truly feel what they feel.

While not dedicated to any one religion, I consider myself "spiritual," practice witchcraft, and spend a lot of time learning about different religions. I am a big believer in the forces of Karma and reincarnation, as well as "what goes around comes around."


I only have started practicing tarot a couple of months ago and still consider myself quite the novice, bur I am continually learning every day, and found myself able to intuitively understand tarot cards a lot better now!


I spend a lot of time meditating with my tarot and oracle cards before I shuffle and read them, as to help bond with them to get a more accurate reading. I try my best to connect both with the cards and the client's mental energy, becoming a bridge between the two, in order to get the most accurate reading. Everything else is done through intuition - how much I shuffle, what spread I use, what decks I use, e

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As of right now, my services are free, as I'm still learning :)

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