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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 27
Experience 7 Years

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I am from Texas, married with 5 children, I don't label myself, so I don't belong to any one religion. I have always been spiritual but being brought up in a Church going home I was not allowed to practice my beliefs/natural gifts. I would sneak around and practice just like any other teenager. Once I got older, I had started seeing man who was into energy work, but what I did he was not okay with so, again, my abilities were put on hold. After I was physically abused by him, I left then met my amazing husband who loved me for who I was. That was when I was able to really use my gift. It has not only helped me and my loved ones, but I have also done readings for several friends and strangers as well over the last few years. It has been an amazing journey so far and I am nowhere near done.


I have always been the empathetic person, who even complete strangers will come up to and tell me their life story. Feeling the connection of our energies, making me understand and feel what they feel. I am a great listener and judge no one. When reading cards, it helps me connect even closer to the other's soul, and in making that connection you can absolutely help them in so many ways.


I always meditate, first to ground myself, then on the question at hand. When you are grounded you can focus on what matters, and what matters is helping others through anything. I cleanse my cards while I am still in the meditative state using Myrrh or Dragons Blood incense. Once that is done, I continue focusing on the question and the reading/spread begins. I gather the information from my reading, then when I am done, I cleanse my cards once more.

Services & Fees

For now, I only communicate through email and Instagram messaging until I can further my services.
For any reading/spread it will be $10 at the time being.

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